The 12th edition of the annual festival of black independent film runs from Friday, July 30, through Friday, August 20, at the Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, and at the DuSable Museum of African American History, 740 E. 56th Pl. Tickets are $5; tickets to the DuSable screenings may be purchased in advance at the museum, but tickets to Film Center screenings can be purchased only on the day of the screening. For more information call 649-4855.


Kiss Grandma Goodbye

An hour-long fiction film by Debra Robinson about a ten-year-old coping with her grandmother’s death in a midwest town during the 60s (1991). On the same program, Saundra Sharp’s 1988 short, Picking Tribes. Robinson will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 7:00)

Murder Magic

A 1992 feature directed by Windell Williams, who will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 9:00)


A Place of Rage and Passin’ It On

A Place of Rage (1991) is a 52-minute English film directed by Pratibha Parmar; Passin’ It On is a recent hour-long documentary by John Valadez and Peter Miller. (DuSable Museum, 3:00)

Magic Love

A 1992 feature directed by Iverson White, to be shown on video. The director will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 5:30)

Alma’s Rainbow

A first feature by Ayoka Chenzira–a contemporary drama with a Brooklyn setting about a family of three women–mother (Kim Weston-Moran), daughter (Victoria Gabriella Platt), and the mother’s sister (Mizan Nunes), a singer. Produced by Chenzira, Charles Lane, and Howard Brickner, with music by Jean-Paul Bourelly, Wendy Blackstone, and the Haitian band Tabou Combo, among others (1992). Chenzira will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 8:00)


A Question of Color

An hour-long film directed by Kathe Sandler, who will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 4:00)

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

A recent feature directed by Louis Guida. (DuSable Museum, 6:30)


New Visions: Short Film Showcase

Austin Phillips’s Familiar Differences, Daresha Kyi’s Land Where My Fathers Died (1991), and Kenneth Jones’s The Clearing (1991). (DuSable Museum, 7:00)


112th & Central: Through the Eyes of the Children

A feature-length compilation of recent films by children, codirected by Jim Chambers. Many of the children will be present at the screening. (DuSable Museum, 7:00)

New Visions: Short Film Showcase

See listing under Monday, August 2. (DuSable Museum, 9:00)



Actor Michele Placido makes his directorial debut in this picture about black immigrants in Italy. Professional drummer Thywill Amenya stars as a medical student from Ghana who arrives in Italy in search of his brother, nicknamed “Pummaro” (tomato), who’s been working as an underpaid field hand, and becomes involved with a volunteer teacher. Placido wrote the script with Sandro Petraglia and Stefano Fullo (1990). (DuSable Museum, 7:00)

Burning an Illusion

A British feature by Menelik Shabazz (1982). (DuSable Museum, 9:00)



A Dutch documentary by Niek Koppen about the young Senegalese M’Barick (Louis) Fall, known as Battling Siki, the first black to win the world light-heavyweight boxing title, in 1922; he died three years later in the U.S. (1992). Koppen will be present at the screening. (Film Center, 8:00)


A Brazilian feature directed by Rachel Gerber in 1989. (DuSable Museum, 9:00)