The “blogging nerds” of–a collective of 12 Chicago-based comedians and video maker Jordan Vogt-Roberts–include some of the city’s craftiest stand-ups, and tonight’s lineup provides an excellent cross section of the group. Pat Brice is like a fledgling rock singer: he can be rough around the edges, but when he gains control of his delivery, the payoff is worth the awkwardness. Sean Flannery’s straight-man looks belie his biting sarcasm. C.J. Sullivan, one of the most consistently funny locals, likes to skewer idiots and drunks–and himself. Kumail can be as charmingly sheepish as Sullivan is brutish, joking that when a job interviewer asked him to identify a weakness, he responded, “Chocolate?” Exuberant Jared Logan, who’s got great crowd skills, hosts the evening. But the best prospect might be Roberts, who’s debuting three shorts. Though his documentary videos of the motley Blerds rely on their material for the staging, his pro polish and savvy editorial decisions render the bits much funnier. a Wed 2/7, 8 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, 773-218-1889, $7, 21+.