In Triplette’s third scripted show, directed by Joe Janes, the all-female trio’s comic sensibility blossoms. This is an entertaining hour of sketches, slam poetry, shadow puppetry, and songs–it’s hard to decide which is more hilarious, an Anna Karenina ode to the tune of “Welcome to the Jungle” or foppish aristocratic rapping. There’s even haiku. The physically expressive Laura Grey still stands out, but Heather Simms and Rebecca Fox now make bigger impressions than they did: Simms’s gerbil impersonation and her bit with Fox in which they play an elderly couple taking a personality quiz are some of the evening’s highlights. Triplette’s comedy is intelligent and sometimes bizarre (kudos to Michael Johnson as Enormous Bunny), but some of the material still falls short of the expectations created by the energetic performances and inventive ideas. Through 5/13: Fri 7:30 PM. Second City Training Center, Donny’s Skybox Studio, Piper’s Alley, 1608 N. Wells (fourth floor), 312-337-3992 or 877-778-4707. $8-$10.