Bob Dogan sits big and craggy at the piano, but his lines are taut and trim: he economizes on even his busiest solos, playing several notes fewer than you’d expect, and his small, airy statements prompt you to inch toward his music rather than lean back from it. (Amazingly, he honed this approach while he was a member of the big band led by the most extroverted drummer in jazz history, Buddy Rich, in the early 70s.) Dogan saves his bravado for his compositions–strong, meaty lines with attractive harmonic schemes that engage and propel the soloists–and inventive small-group arrangements. And for this show he’s certainly got the band to play them. The front line is two of the most distinctive soloists on the Chicago mainstream scene: Ryan Shultz (bass trumpet) and Ron Dewar (tenor and soprano sax), whose increasingly rare appearances only whet the appetite for his rough-hewn attack, eely technique, and sagacious ideas. Both of them appear on Dogan’s lovely 2001 disc, Salishan (Big Foot Jazz). The recently released Rings (also on Big Foot) is a trio disc featuring longtime Dogan associate Dan DeLorenzo on bass and Joe Adamik on drums; they’re the rhythm section for this gig. Fri 12/23, 9 PM, Green Mill, 4802 N. Broadway, 773-878-5552, $10.