The Corn family travels to Egypt in the fifth installment of Corn Productions’ series of kids’ mystery musicals. Christopher Rex Jacobs’s boobish Bobby is in a hip-hop troupe invited to perform in a Cairo cultural-exchange program. His self-important sister is the choreographer, and Mom (a delightfully dim Sarah Ballema) is chaperone. Their adventures involve a sacred relic, purring and punning cat puppet Cleowpawtra, and three dancing mummies. With clever cultural references, a silly chase scene, and song-and-dance numbers set to the B-52’s and Gwen Stefani, it’s an eventful, entertaining show. Director Robert Bouwman’s staging could be tighter, but the strong cast makes this a fun family outing. Through 4/23: Sat-Sun 2 PM, Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 312-409-6435, $5-$10.