Blues/soul veteran Bobby Rush has toned down his excesses in recent years: gone are the days when he’d streak from the dressing room to the stage clad in little more than a Speedo. But he’s still good for a bawdy time. His hits–“Chicken Heads” and “Sue,” among others–fuse a danceable funkiness with graphic sexual imagery in the same oral tradition that spawned the dozens, rhymed drinking toasts, and the eloquent folk poetry of signifying. Rush thus carries on the blues heritage even as his music expands into more sophisticated urban-contemporary stylings. If he’s traveling with his own band you can be sure the music will be as tight as the various pleasurable orifices he’s so obsessed with in his lyrics. Even if he’s not, you’ll be able to experience one of the blues’ most flamboyant and charismatic performers–up close and probably more personal than you ever dared imagine. Saturday, 9:36 PM, Mr. G’s Supper Club, 1547 W. 87th; 445-2020.