Who says they don’t put on blues extravaganzas like they used to? This one will run the gamut from straight-ahead Chicago traditionalism to funky outrageousness. Bassist Aron Burton is the traditionalist; adept on both stand-up and electric, he’s known for his sparse, rhythmic lines and a unique ability to form a synergy with even the most unpredictable lead men. He’s also a witty lyricist and an expressive singer with more than a hint of Mississippi moan in his vocal delivery. L.V. Johnson’s string bending and gritty baritone hold up best on ballads; he gets a bit repetitive over the long haul, but his leonine stage presence is a show in itself. Vernon Garrett is even smoother than Johnson; his voice is one of the most soothing in all of blues, and there’s a sense of affirmation to his music. Bobby Rush, in contrast, can lubricate a room with his bottom-of-the-skillet greasy funk. He often starts at X-rated and proceeds from there, but there’s a good-naturedness to his show that redeems him. Saturday, Mr. G’s Supper Club, 1547 W. 87th St.; 445-2020.