BOOMSTICK! A MUSICAL PARODY OF DARKNESS, New Millennium Theatre Company, at Boxer Rebellion Theater. The night I saw this parody of Army of Darkness, audience members were reciting lines from Sam and Ivan Raimi’s screenplay along with the actors and applauding whenever special effects from the film were duplicated onstage, even when they were far from spectacular. So, yes, there is an audience for this homage to the 1993 movie, in which a retail clerk is inadvertently transported to the Dark Ages and helps defend a village against soul-swallowing Evil Deadites.

Ehren Fournier does a spot-on imitation of Bruce Campbell’s arrogant, aloof hero, Ash. And those coming from a sword-and-sorcery role-playing game in their parents’ basement might be titillated by the gratuitous lesbian dance scene and other crudely suggestive bits marking this as late-night fare. Anyone else is likely to be disappointed by Chad Wise’s clumsy show. There are a few good new jokes, and Andy Grigg’s aspiring ladies’ man is a fun, original development on a character from the film. But those who are not fans of the Evil Dead trilogy will see that this production–even longer than the 80-minute film–is filled with wooden acting, limply raunchy humor, and mediocre songs.