British bands Spacemen 3 and Loop have made their most potent impact half a decade after their demise. Bands driven by lengthy, trance-out drones are popping up left and right, transmuting the postpsych soundswirl of those British sources into a new generation of space rock. Chicago’s Kranky label has introduced some of the most interesting of these–Labradford, Jessamine, and Flies Inside the Sun to name a few. New York’s Bowery Electric is another fine member of the Kranky stable. On its eponymous debut album this young trio roots itself in numbingly repetitive, near-catatonic rhythms–a necessary foundation for the minimalist sounds gorgeously layered on top. Bassist Martha Schwendener and guitarist Lawrence Chandler sing sometimes, but their hushed delivery only sprays faint melodic contours, another nebulous stratum in Bowery Electric’s wispy sound world. While the songs don’t have much linear development, the band’s skill at crafting multitiered, sometimes serene, sometimes bruising vignettes of color and texture is its own reward. Rome open. Wednesday, 10 PM, Metro, 3730 N. Clark; 549-0203. PETER MARGASAK