Brad Goode likes to speak of “the love, the exhilaration of playing as hard as you can,” and at his best this still-young veteran is the very model of a fiery improviser. He’ll start a solo with an attention-grabbing phrase, then spin lines that continually move between middle-register melodies and bravura high points. For all his great rhythmic ease in mixing the earthy and the intricate, there’s an irrefutable flow to these structures: it’s strong, sturdy, singing trumpet playing. He’s often a nervous improviser, and at slower tempos his lines are full of inflections and grace notes, as if he wants to pack every bar he plays full of event. I like his huge appetite for jazz: hot, cool, bop, modal, fusion, inside, outside–he wants to play it all and make a statement in every idiom. He’s been leading his groups at the Green Mill for six and a half years now and frequently at other clubs as well, and when he’s not leading a band he’ll often sit in with others’ bands around town. Moreover, when circumstances demand, he’ll abandon trumpet to play foreceful, swinging bass. No doubt about it, Brad Goode comes to play. With Paul McKee on trombone, Ron Perrillo on piano, Larry Kohut on bass, and longtime partner Bob Rummage on drums. Wednesday, 9 PM, Green Mill, 4802 N. Broadway; 878-5552.