This has to rank as a genuine Happening: Brad Goode, the diminutive and charismatic young trumpeter, in front of a nine-chair string section–not to mention another horn player, vocalist Jo Belle, and a rhythm trio anchored by Joel Spencer–in a west-side jazz tavern-cum-gallery. The Happening gains power from the hovering shadow of Charlie Parker, who succumbed to the siren song of orchestral backing when he recorded and performed with a string quintet in the mid-40s. Goode himself used a string section for two pieces on his debut album, and those pieces will be on the program, along with four of the Parker charts, a couple tunes originally arranged for Goode’s idol Clifford Brown, and a few surprises written especially for this show. It ought to work–the trumpeter’s bright, sweet tone sits well on the lush harmonies of violins and violas, and there are enough true jazz players involved to keep the time together and make the disparate parts jell. (Goode says the project was spurred on by the hosting club owner; this week, overwhelmed by the formidable undertaking, he added, “I don’t know why I’m doing it.”) Saturday, Bop Shop, 1807 W. Division; 235-3232.