Rephlex Records was started in 1991 by Grant Wilson-Claridge and Richard D. James. The latter, best known as contrarian electronica star Aphex Twin, earned his mythic status by going against the grain, and the label has operated much the same way: its output is rarely advertised, its release schedule is relatively erratic, and many of the releases are short on information, propagating a deliberate air of mystery. Rephlex was home early on to some of the most popular innovators in the IDM (intelligent dance music) genre, including jungle-jazz fusion hotshot Squarepusher and genre-hopping beat freak u-ziq, and perhaps no other label better represents IDM’s loner-in-the-bedroom-with-a-computer aesthetic. But as the late-90s electronica craze brought a deluge of new labels and even more artists, Rephlex lost some of its luster, and although its output continues to be strange, it’s no longer quite so unpredictable. This package tour brings together four of the label’s current artists. On his recent album, Wasted Sunday, Ovuca (aka Finnish producer Aleksi Perala) delivers the Aphex Twin boilerplate–relentless, morphing, muted beat patterns and a bounty of warm, childlike synthesizer melodies. DMX Krew (Ed Upton) is a dopey 80s novelty act, although it does predate the current electro rage. Cylob (Chris Jeffs) has delivered a mix of synth-pop corn and drum ‘n’ bass on recent singles, but he takes a real left turn on Mood Bells, his rustic imitation of traditional Japanese percussion music, where he complements various gongs, bells, and bowls with electronic sounds. In the past Polish-born, American-bred Bogdan Raczynski, the most original act of the bunch, has made music you’d expect from a sugar-addicted teenager–sweet and hyperkinetic. He’s calmer and more focused on My Love I Love, a rambling collection of soothing electronic lullabies enriched by bits of trumpet and accordion. Cylob will DJ; the others will perform live sets. Saturday, May 25, 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.