Atalee Judy is a choreographer for the 21st century, citing as the motivating force behind her “Logotype” series her generation’s culturally induced attention deficit disorder and resultant fixation on jingles and logos. Each piece in the series, she says, came out of a single symbolic image: a bar code, the schematic female figure that graces women’s rest room doors, something uncomplicated but resonant in her mind. After that Judy comes up with the sound design, then the video projections, and finally the dancing, which she considers an adjunct to every other element. This concert includes all seven “Logotype” dances, starting with Logotype 00 and including two new ones. In Logotype 05, based on a cross, six women don wings then crash to earth, toppling out of their crunched upside-down poses to dance; these fallen angels launch themselves into leg-slapping falls or pivot painfully on one shoulder. Their closing pose–heads back, palms open–suggests receptivity and introduces the quieter final piece, Logotype 06, which focuses attention on a video of images of the solar system and a tunnel and vertiginous shots of a city seen from above. The concert opens with a “cartoonish” solo–the relatively new Logotype 04, premiered at “Duets for My Valenswine” last February–based on the symbol of a broken heart and featuring large stuffed animals. But otherwise the pieces are pretty serious and intense, addressing the subjects of guns, mental illness, social profiling, and pornography. In the past the dances have been performed one or two at a time, and it should be interesting to see their cumulative effect in a concert devoted to them. Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield, 773-404-2692. Through June 9: Friday-Saturday, 8 PM; Sunday, 7 PM. $10 at the door; $8 if you reserve in advance or bring “any item with a logo.”