Atalee Judy’s brave new One, a revised multimedia dance-theater piece, is ambitious, passionate, and carefully executed. Clearly she aims to connect with the audience in this “series of dark, romantic, voyeuristic visions”–but her thoughts are all too plain. Video snippets set in castles or dilapidated modern buildings repeat without building in intensity, and the structure is predictable: two people introduced on video eventually form a couple onstage. More important, a work that should feel dangerous and gritty comes across as tame (except Judy’s solo section, a horrifying look at self-mutilation). None of the video sequences for this neogothic work were shot at night. The heavy metal music and the performers’ dainty spit curls make the battles look like pro wrestling. And the venue, a traditional theater, is unfortunate for a piece that should feel claustrophobically intimate: the dancers seem far away, their angst artificial. Through 5/7: Thu-Sat 8 PM. Dance Center of Columbia College, 1306 S. Michigan, 312-344-8300. $20.