Gabrielle Reisman’s fable of true love among the Gen-Y set is sweet, occasionally funny, and quite charming thanks to actors Jimmy Freund and Elizabeth Middleton. But there’s something missing. In keeping with the current vogue for love stories involving time/memory displacement (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Time Traveler’s Wife), Reisman’s one-act mysteriously drops Shevat, a standard-issue mercurial child-woman, into the studio apartment of Brian, a cook. Freund and Middleton play not only the lovers but all the other roles, including Brian’s aggressive stoner friend, the addled landlady, and a mysterious pushcart salesman who delivers bite-size nuggets o’ wisdom as well as ice cream and corn dogs. Jarrett Dapier directs a solid staging for the Side Project, in a shoe-box space that’s always tricky. But Reisman’s meditation on the porous boundaries between her lovers lacks dramatic payoff. Through 4/24: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 and 7 PM. Side Studio, 1520 W. Jarvis, 773-973-2150. $12-$15; two for one Thu.