BRIDAL TERRORISM, CollaborAction, in Lincoln Park. In this one-act Bill Rosenfield invents a new kind of terrorist: panicked single women who kidnap grooms in the park at gunpoint rather than face the fearsome marriage market. The spoofish plot is intended to send up women’s supposed reactions to the trumped-up statistics, published in the mid-80s, that women over 35 have a better chance of dying in a terrorist attack than of getting married. The idea is cuter than the play, however, an overextended and underrehearsed skit with stereotyped characters and a cop-out ending.

Katie Tsakonas plays the bride wannabe with independence and irony, but the production doesn’t live up to her spirit. Everything, from costumes to blocking, seems thrown together, sometimes even contradicting the script. And the production’s casualness looks even more sloppy given the hyperrealism of the setting, a corner of Lincoln Park across from 2440 N. Lakeview that the company claimed when Eclipse, its intended venue, was disabled by fire. CollaborAction deserves credit for flexibility, but its members need to learn that comedy is in the details. –Carol Burbank