In this brief play by Kymberly Harris, a conventional young woman strays into a mysterious secondhand shop–or is it a brothel? There, for reasons left unclear, the lusty Frenchwoman who operates it and a dangerously seductive man, unsubtly named Lou Siffer, try to lure her from a life of responsible routine into one of passion and illusion. But Harris fails to follow through on the clash set up between the quotidian and the extraordinary, never providing a nuanced view of what’s at stake in resisting or succumbing to temptation. The design of Benjamin Lasseter’s production seems intended to create a dreamlike air, but the cast’s stiffness spoils the effect. –Zac Thompson a Through 2/8: Thu 7:30 PM, Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee, 773-598-4549, $10.