Lifeline Theatre has added a wonderful new puppet to the revival of its adaptation of Deborah and James Howe’s children’s book, first produced in 1999. Harold the dog and Chester the cat must adjust to the new baby–oops! pet–a furry intruder called Bunnicula, named after bunnies and Count Dracula. Bunnicula’s odd eating habits (don’t worry–rabbits are vegetarians) cause some consternation in the house, and how everyone deals with the new arrival makes for a fast-paced, ultimately heartwarming 45 minutes. James Sie’s concise, articulate adaptation is enhanced by Doug Wood’s Swingle Singers-style songs, the technical effects are deliciously shivery, and under Peter Greenberg’s direction the five cast members keep their youthful audience engaged with never a misstep. Commanding the stage from its first appearance, however, is Dan Crowley’s Bunnicula puppet, whose facial expression manages to be at once winsome and menacing. Through 11/28: Sat 11 AM and 1 PM, Sun 1 PM. Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood, 773-761-4477. $9 in advance; “pay what you can” at the door.