Bunny the Undead Expediter–“You Brought Her, You Slayer,” Careening Theater, at Angel Island. Fight choreographer Erin Kathleen Carlson plays the martial heroine in writer-director David Skvarla’s parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here, as in the TV series, the teenage crusader and her sidekicks–nerdy Gander, brainy Maple, and mentorly Miles–swing stakes and swords, kick infernal ass, and strike provocative poses. In this episode, entitled “You Brought Her, You Slayer,” they rattle a Rasta demon who transforms innocent youths into neohippie cannabis-toking cannibals.

Skvarla’s script is more coherent than most stunt-show scenarios. The plot follows the Buffy formula of adolescent-angst allegory expressed in dryly humorous argot (“We’re gonna be blue plate specials at the Donner Pass Diner!”). The notion of 60s-style hedonism inspiring evil might irk baby boomers, but they’ll be tickled by the sight of villains fleeing patchouli-sanctified flowers and pictures of G. Gordon Liddy. And anyone of legal age can participate in a drinking game (BYO) coordinated with the onstage action.

But the swashbuckling is paramount. And Carlson–whose female fights were the highlight of Pegasus Players’ award-winning Breath, Boom last spring–delivers the requisite acrobatic violence: this lanky Alice in Wonderland with cojones ranges from graceful handsprings to WWF grapples.