This painting, Methadon Bus, is part of Hugo Kaagman’s “Kaagware” series: blue-and-white canvases that look a lot like old delftware, only with images of hypodermic needles and housing projects mixed in with the windmills and canals. Kaagman’s one of the ten young (under 40) Dutch artists represented in “NetherArt: A Dutch Response to the Nineties,” which closes Sunday at the Chicago Cultural Center; a spokesman there says the 30 works on display (paintings, sculpture, installations, computer-generated images) loosely fall into the category of “conceptual realism.” The show is in the fourth-floor exhibit hall, at 78 E. Washington; viewing hours are 10 to 6 Friday, 10 to 5 Saturday, and noon to 5 Sunday. Call 744-6630.