Like lots of high school kids, John Backderf’s friend Jeff was painfully shy and socially awkward. Alienated and lonely, he got drunk before school to defend himself against the relentless humiliation of the Revere High School jocks and pretty boys, and spent most of his spare time collecting roadkill and cultivating his budding interest in dissection and dismemberment. Thirteen years after graduation, Jeffrey Dahmer would become infamous as a necrophiliac who murdered and cannibalized at least 17 young men and boys and stored their remains in his Milwaukee apartment. In his new book, Backderf (better known as Derf, creator of the weekly syndicated comic The City) tells the story of life in rural Ohio in the 1970s with Jeff, a weird kid nobody really knew what to make of. Derf will read from and sign copies of My Friend Dahmer and Trashed, a graphic memoir detailing his own post-high school exploits working on a garbage truck, on Saturday, May 4, at 3 at Quimby’s Bookstore, 1854 W. North. It’s free; call 773-342-0910 for more information.