Last year dancer and graphic designer Diana Garcia Snyder recruited fellow dancer Elizabeth Lentz to come up with a way to keep dance on the minds of Chicagoans year-round; the result is the first Chicago Dance Calendar, which went on sale this month. The two dozen groups featured in the 2003 calendar paid a fee to be included, but a sliding scale and sponsorships by the Chicago Dance and Music Alliance and the Dance Center of Columbia College offset participation costs. The support made it possible for small companies like Breakbone DanceCo to be included along with established groups such as Hubbard Street and Chicago Moving Company. Breakbone artistic director Atalee Judy says she’s glad to have something “that advertises…Chicago dance artists, large and small.”

All the companies give performance schedules and bios in the calendar; 18 also contribute bright, kinetic images by artists such as legendary dance photographer William Frederking and up-and-comers Erika DuFour and Cheryl Mann. “It’s the nature of this art form to be always moving,” says Lentz. “We wanted to put that feeling into something people could hold on to.” The calendar retails for $12.99 at bookstores, dance-wear shops, the Chicago Cultural Center store, and