When Reader contributor Yvette Marie Dostatni returned in 1997 from England, where she’d been photographing environmental protesters and “living in trees,” she started casting about for new subject matter. A fellow photographer suggested she look close to home, and the 29-year-old wound up turning her lens on her hometown of Whiting, Indiana, and the surrounding community. In Whiting, the site of Standard Oil’s first refinery, “I was looking for things that really mattered about growing up in the region,” she says. Shown are the Whiting High School 1999 homecoming king and queen posing with the school mascot. Dostatni’s Indiana portraits–along with photos from last year’s Burning Man festival, images of bowlers at the south side’s Marzano’s Miami Bowl, shots of people in Bucktown and Wicker Park (many taken during her yearlong stint on the CITY 2000 documentary project), and a portrait of “my cousin Charlie with his favorite chickens”–will be on display at the Charleston tavern, 2076 N. Hoyne, through August. Call 773-489-4757 for more information.