ChicagoImprovAnarchy all too accurately re-creates the forced levity, awkward flirtations, and sing-along brainwashing of the summer camp experience in this whirlwind improvised montage. On the night I attended, the players’ disaffection with “Camp Anahkig” rang so true that I could have sworn they were doing community service. But otherwise nothing much happened beyond dutiful send-up and unidealized recollection–the laughs were few and far between. It was opening night, though, so jitters and tightness might have been a factor, especially since the headliners were less poised than the two-man opening act, Liquid Ecstasy, whose long, meandering riff on absolutely nothing was gorgeously executed. Maybe next time around, especially if there’s an easier act to follow, the CIA will do better. Through 9/3: Sat 11 PM. No show 7/30. Strawdog Theatre Company, 3829 N. Broadway (second floor), 773-419-4606. $6-$9.