In the 1980s New Yorker Len Jenkin penned a series of dazzling plays–Limbo Tales, Dark Ride, American Notes–full of shady, marginalized characters bumbling through the fun house-mirrored halls of the imagination. His cheesy but menacing phantasmagorias dove into the darkest recesses of human love and obsession. But by this 1993 misfire, about an aspiring Christian video actress kidnapped by a crazed plastic surgeon trying to evade hoodlums by remaking his face in the image of the actress’s boyfriend, his style had ossified into overwrought tomfoolery. It’s a mystery why the fledgling Theatre Entropy company picked this one of all Jenkin’s plays. Though the cast is mostly adept, the rudimentary lighting, bare-bones set, and pedestrian pacing of Nick Tamarkin’s staging can’t create the play’s far-flung locales or the kind of sweeping momentum the story requires. Through 3/19: Thu-Sat 8:15 PM, Sun 3 PM. Live Bait Theater, 3914 N. Clark, 773-505-6766. $12; industry show Sun 3/6.