Carol Bui’s full-length debut, This Is How I Recover (released on her Drunken Butterfly label), stands up to and often surpasses the work of her avowed influences–Jeff Buckley, Throwing Muses, Mary Timony–and its angular guitars call to mind Bellini and Victory at Sea, two more of her favorites. The 25-year-old D.C. native plays introspective songs that are leavened by her wide-ranging and tuneful voice; on the title track her singing and her roiling guitar work make for a contrast as piquant as wasabi ice cream. I’m looking forward to her follow-up, which she recorded last summer with T.J. Lipple of Aloha and Chad Clark of Beauty Pill. Though she hasn’t settled on a label, Bui is shooting for an early-2007 release, and if the rest of the album’s songs are as good as the ones on her three-song demo, I’ll release the damn thing myself: “Quan Am” boasts soaring vocals reminiscent of Corin Tucker, sublime guitar-vox interplay like Polly Jean Harvey’s, and Lipple’s rock-solid drumming. Decibully headlines and Elanors play second. a 9 PM, the Note, 1565 N. Milwaukee, 773-489-0011 or 866-468-3401, $8 in advance, $10 on the day of the show.