Scraping bowls is for pussies. This Colorado band, which calls its brand of metal “Rocky Mountain hydrogrind,” titled an early demo Scrape My Lungs–that’s what real potheads do when their dealer won’t answer their pages. Cephalic Carnage got started in the early 90s, just as the Norwegian black-metal scene was reaching its apex of crazy (when Mayhem guitarist Euronymous discovered the shotgun suicide of his bandmate Dead in 1991, he snapped some Polaroids, then supposedly supped on his friend’s brains), but despite their love for blastbeats and demonic vocals, these guys have never fooled around much with corpse paint or cannibalism. They do have funny names (“Lenzig,” “Steve”), but they’re into the more socially acceptable forms of brain damage–on last year’s Anomalies (Relapse) there’s a song called “Kill for Weed.” Thankfully their fondness for the devil’s herb hasn’t mellowed their music: their taut, intricate grindcore is so merciless it makes you wonder if they’d dissect you to get at the resin in your bronchial tubes. Yakuza, Wounds of Ruin, Moral Decay, Blutige Nacht, and Asphyxiator open. Sat 8/19, 9 PM, Memories, 4358 N. Cicero, 773-286-8640, $10.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/J. Narcy.