Douglas Park (left) August 13, 2019: Sophie Aleves, seven, takes a shot on goal against her father, Aidan Aleves, 26, and brothers. (right) June 30, 2019: Attendees rush to catch a surprise act during the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash. Credit: Kathleen Hinkel

Douglas, Union, and Grant Parks have served as valued community centers for Chicago since the mid-1800s. Today, all three parks host thousands of attendees for popular private music festivals—Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash, Pitchfork Music Festival, and Lollapalooza, respectively—taking on a different personality for one weekend each summer before returning to their treasured role as neighborly places to gather. This project explores these spaces and their inhabitants.   v

August 4, 2019: Kasey Musgraves performs on the south lawn of Grant Park during the Lollapalooza Music Festival.Credit: Kathleen Hinkel