I neglected to mention Haptic in a November column on Chicago’s drone music scene–an unfortunate oversight, because the trio’s piece “Danjon Scale,” on a split 12-inch with the Milwaukee duo Mouths released last year by the British label Entr’acte, is among the most striking displays of sustained texture in recent memory. Adam Sonderberg and Joseph Mills operate various acoustic and electronic devices (everything from samples and oscillators to hurdy-gurdy) while Steven Hess handles percussion; the sound they create together is hypnotic and seamless. For live performances they customarily invite an outside musician to join them, and for tonight’s show they’ve invited two: Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded and guitarist David Daniell. The concert begins with a solo set at Heaven by Daniell–a member of San Augustin and various Rhys Chatham ensembles and a recent transplant to Chicago–whose new solo album, Coastal (Xeric), is also devoted largely to drone. For three of the four tracks the various instruments creating the drone are mainly unrecognizable; on the fourth, a lovely piece called “Sunfish,” Daniell weaves multinote licks on acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and violin (courtesy of guest Erin Boyette) into a different yet equally powerful drone sound. After his set Daniell will play with Haptic, who immediately afterward will lead the audience upstairs to Enemy and play a set there with Solotroff. a 9 PM, Heaven Gallery, 1550 N. Milwaukee, second floor, 773-342-4597, and Enemy, 1550 N. Milwaukee, third floor, 312-493-3657, $7. A