The Chick Magnets (Angie Carr and Meredith Melville) provide an accurate, funny portrayal of lesbian life in Chicagoland in this 50-minute sketch comedy show. Adeptly transforming themselves into a host of different characters with quick, convincing physical and vocal shifts, they also have detailed interactions with imagined objects. The evening’s best running gag–observations on “lesbians through time”–deserves to be expanded. But other bits, like a dull sketch about CTA pigeons considering decamping to the Metra, drag on too long. Fixing the technical glitches of opening night should give the show some much needed polish, but better still would be the outside eye of a director, who could focus the transitions between sketches and hone scene endings. –Jenn Goddu a Through 5/23: Wed 7:30 PM, Rogue Theater Company, 5123 N. Clark, 773-561-5893 $8-$10.