The seventh annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival, produced by Chicago Latino Cinema and Columbia College, continues from Friday, October 4, through Thursday, October 10. Film and video screenings will be held at the Three Penny Cinema, 2424 N. Lincoln; at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; at the Chicago Historical Society, Clark at North; at the Instituto del Progreso Latino, 2570 S. Blue Island; and at individual branch libraries listed below. Ticket prices per program are $6; $4 for students, senior citizens, and handicapped persons; and $3 for Facets and Chicago Latino Cinema members. (Tickets to video screenings are $5; tickets to Chicago Historical Society and Instituto del Progreso Latino screenings are $3; the library screenings are all free.) Festival passes, good for all screenings, are $60, $40 for Facets and Chicago Latino Cinema members. For information call 431-1330.


MARIA’S STORY and THEY SHOOT CHILDREN, DON’T THEY A documentary about a Salvadoran guerrilla leader, directed by Monona Wall and Pamela Cohen (1990), and a short from Guatemala about police abuse of homeless children. (Chicago Historical Society, 2:00)

THE VOICE A Chilean-German production directed by Gustavo Graef-Marino about five men and a woman who are mysteriously trapped in a floating discotheque docked in a European harbor (1989). Graef-Marino will be present. (Three Penny, 6:30)

ROUTES OF RHYTHM WITH HARRY BELAFONTE A video documentary feature about Afro-Cuban music by Howard Dratch and Eugene Rosow (1990). (Instituto del Progreso Latino, 7:00)

THE PUERTO RICAN MAMBO (NOT A MUSICAL) A low-budget comedy about Puerto Rican stereotypes based on Luis Caballero’s stand-up routines and directed by Ben Model (1990). Caballero and Model will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 7:00)

BORDER BRUJO and THE NEW TIJUANA Video documentaries by Isaac Artenstein, about the Mexican-American border, and by Frank Christopher, about the Mexican border city (1990). (Facets Multimedia Center, 7:30)

STELINHA A young rock-musician hopeful tries to help an alcoholic ballad singer who was once his idol in a Brazilian feature (1990) directed by Miguel Faria Jr., who will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 9:00)

LONG LIVE THE HOBOS Ana Poliak’s feature from Argentina is a docudrama about an anarchist stonecutter who, after losing his work, wandered along train tracks talking to hobos between 1930 and 1955. He’s also seen back in his hometown with his friends in the present. Poliak and producer Ana Bas will be at the screening. On the same program, Richard Caraballo’s U.S. short A Deadly Dance. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)

RED SUNRISE Originally banned in Mexico when it was completed in 1989, Jorge Fons’s fictional feature dramatizes the impact on a middle-class family of the massacre of 400 people at Three Cultures Plaza in Mexico City shortly before the beginning of the 1968 Olympics. Actress Maria Rojo and actor-coproducer Hector Bonilla will be present. (Three Penny, 9:30)

HALTING THE FIRES A video documentary by Octavio Bezerra about the devastation of the Amazonian jungles; on the same program, Troubled Harvest, a video documentary short by Sharon Genasci and Dorothy Velasco about female migrant fruit harvesters on the Pacific coast, and The Yidishe Gauchos, a documentary by Mark Freeman narrated by Eli Wallach. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:30)

ALIAS, LA GRINGA The exploits of a charismatic and ingenious criminal who outwits a warden while joining forces with a professor wrongly convicted of terrorism is the subject of this 1991 Peruvian feature; directed by Alberto Durant. Durant will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 11:00)

A STORY OF A BILLIARDS TEAM A disenchanted politician in a remote Latin American village invents a new kind of billiards and organizes a team, but can’t hold the team together because of a new entertainment arcade in town. A Soviet-Spanish-Austrian coproduction (1988), directed by Sebastian Alarcon and starring Sergei Gazarov, both of whom will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 11:00)


TRANSPARENT WOMAN A Cuban sketch film about five separate women, each at a different stage in life, who recognize some truth about themselves. The directors: Hector Veitia, Mayra Segura, Mayra Vilasis, Mario Crespo, and Ana Rodriguez. (Three Penny, 3:00)

FRIDA KAHLO: A RIBBON AROUND A BOMB and DIEGO RIVERA: I PAINT WHAT I SEE Ken Mandel’s Frida Kahlo (1990) is an hourlong U.S. film about the famous Mexican painter starring Cora Cardona. Mary Lance’s U.S. documentary Diego Rivera (1989) concerns the career of Kahlo’s famous husband. Cardona will be present at the screening. (Facets Multimedia Center, 3:00),

THE OTHER ILLUSION An experimental film from Venezuela by Roque Zambrano that begins with a young composer riding in a helicopter over lush countryside and involves his dreams and memories as well as his girlfriend’s observations. Zambrano will be present. (Three Penny, 6:30)

MARIA’S STORY See listing under Friday, October 4. (Facets Multimedia Center, 7:00)

STELINHA See listing under Friday, October 4. (Three Penny, 7:00)

NEITHER WITH GOD NOR THE DEVIL The arrival of terrorists fulfills the awful vision of a village sorcerer. A film from Peru by Nilo Pereira del Mar to be shown in video. (Instituto del Progreso Latino, 7:00)

ROUTES OF RHYTHM WITH HARRY BELAFONTE See listing under Friday, October 4. (Facets Multimedia Center, 7:30)

A WOMAN FOREVER A Spanish comedy by Chano Pineiro, filmed in the mountains of Galicia, involving two men, a woman, a betrayal, and magical realism. Pineiro will be present. (Three Penny, 9:00)

SENSATIONS Brother and sister Juan Esteban and Bibiana Cordero wrote and directed this feature from Ecuador about the organizing of a seven-piece rock group. Both of the filmmakers will be present. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)

THE BLISSFUL MISFIT Oswaldo Caldeira’s Brazilian feature (1989) concerns a wanderer who becomes, in turn, a priest, a politician, an army officer, and a beggar, and winds up as part of a group trying to overthrow the government. (Three Penny, 9:30)

A QUESTION OF CONSCIENCE and MISS AMY AND MISS MAY Two videos–a docudrama by Ilan Ziv about the killing of six Jesuit priests and two women by uniformed soldiers at a San Salvador university, and a Jamaican documentary by Cynthia Wilmot about two women from leading Jamaican families, one black and one white, who fought for the rights of women and the elderly in the 30s. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:30)

A SPANISH ACTRESS FOR A SOVIET MINISTER A Russian gym teacher pretending to be the minister of Soviet cinema meets a Spanish actress pretending to be her country’s most famous film star at a film festival. A Spanish-Soviet production, directed by Sebastian Alarcon (1990). Alarcon and actor Sergei Gazarov will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 11:00)

THE PUERTO RICAN MAMBO (NOT A MUSICAL) See listing under Friday, October 4. (Three Penny, 11:00)


SENSATIONS See listing under Saturday, October 5. (Three Penny, 3:00)

MARIA’S STORY See listing under Friday, October 4. (Facets Multimedia Center, 3:00)

GENTILLE ALOUETTE Geraldine Chaplin stars as a Spanish movie star in Paris who’s trailed by a member of the secret police (Hector Alterio), a former lover who suspects her of antigovernment activities. A Chilean feature, written and directed by Sergio Castilla (1985). Castilla will be present. (Three Penny, 3:30)

U.S. SHORTS Five works to be shown on video: Luis Valdovino’s experimental and ironic look at immigration laws, Work in Progress (1990), and his equally experimental A World of Dance; Rene Perez’s El Senor Ramirez; and two collectively made documentaries, Chill Out and Treat Me Right. (Facets Multimedia Center, 5:30)

THE BLISSFUL MISFIT See listing under Saturday, October 5. (Three Penny, 6:00)

THE SPIRIT OF KUNA YALA and MARTIN CHAMBI AND THE HEIRS OF THE INCAS Andrew Young and Susan Todd’s 1991 documentary is about Panama’s Kuna Indians; Paul Yule and Andy Harries’s 1989 documentary is about Indian photographer Martin Chambi’s documentation of Peru’s wealthy European families and rural Indians in the late 19th and early 20th century. (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:00)

A WOMAN FOREVER See listing under Saturday, October 5. (Three Penny, 6:30)

LATINO SHORTS Three works to be shown on video: Lucinda Broadbent’s Sex and the Sandinistas, concerning the role of Nicaraguan gays and lesbians in the Sandinista revolution; Ana Maria Simo’s How to Kill Her (1989), a fiction film; and David Beaton’s documentary The Moment I Learned: Living With AIDS in Cuba. (Facets Multimedia Center, 8:00)

TRANSPARENT WOMAN See listing under Saturday, October 5. (Three Penny, 8:30)

LONG LIVE THE HOBOS See listing under Friday, October 4. (Facets Multimedia Center, 8:30)

THE OTHER ILLUSION See listing under Saturday, October 5. (Three Penny, 9:00)


ESPERANZA A Russian immigrant goes to Mexico; a 1982 feature, to be shown on video. (Marshall Square Branch Library, 2724 W. Cermak, 6:00)


ESPERANZA See listing under Monday, October 7. (Daley Branch Library, 3400 S. Halsted, 7:00)


PEDRO PARAMO Juan Rulfo’s “magicrealist” novel about a son in search of his father, a legendary womanizer, as adapted to the screen by Carlos Fuentes and directed by Carlos Velo. The star of this ambitious Mexican production from 1966 is, for you irony fans, none other than John Gavin, our ambassador to Mexico in the mid-80s. With Beatriz Sheridan and Pilar Pellicer. (DK) (Conrad Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 N. Lincoln, 7:00)


PEDRO PARAMO See listing under Wednesday, October 9. (Rudy Lozano Branch Library, 1805 S. Loomis, 7:00)