Programs in which institutions celebrate themselves can be iffy, but this bill of nine films–most of them excellent–demonstrates the impressive diversity of avant-garde filmmaking in Chicago from 1970 through ’83. What the Fuck Are These Red Squares? (1970), Kartemquin Films’ cinema verite record of a teach-in at the School of the Art Institute, is a fascinating time capsule of radical rhetoric, while Lawrence Janiak’s abstract DL #2 (Disintegration Line #2) (1970) creates dynamic and surprising clashes between percussive sounds and loops and circles painted on the film. Heather McAdams’s amusing Scratchman (1980) irreverently defaces a pompous talking head with scratched lines, while JoAnn Elam’s Lie Back and Enjoy It (1982) pairs two voice-overs: one from a male filmmaker spouting cliches about personal cinema, the other from his girlfriend, who articulates a feminist critique of his cant. Several of the filmmakers will attend. 69 min. Chicago Filmmakers.