The 11th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival runs from Friday, October 7 through Sunday, October 16. Apart from the opening-night screening, which is at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, all screenings will be at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton. Tickets are $3 for children and Facets members, $5 for adults; discount booklets of four tickets are $10 for children, $15 for adults. For further information call 281-9075.

Friday, October 7

Dramas, Delights, and Dreams

Animated and live-action short films from Austalia, Germany, England, the U.S., and Norway. (Chicago Cultural Center, 7:30)

Saturday, October 8

Leaping Lizards! Four-Legged, Feathered, and Fishy Friends!

Short films, mostly animated, about animals, from the U.S., England, Norway, Japan, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. (10:00 )

Kalle and the Angels

A Norwegian feature by Ole Bjorn Salveson about an angel helping a boy accept the death of his father; to be shown with Annie, an animated American short by Christine Ferriter. (Noon)

Short Videos 1

Live-action videos from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Syria, and the U.S. (Noon)

Animation Celebration 1

Animated short films from England, Japan, the Czech Republic, Canada, Latvia, and the U.S. (2:00)

Stanley’s Dragon

A live-action video feature from England, directed by Gerry Poulson, to be shown with an animated U.S. short, Strangeness in the Night. (2:00)


A German live-action feature, directed by Arend Agthe, about a German boy’s adventures with a Turkmenian native, to be shown with shorts from Germany and India. (4:00)

Looking for Solutions:

Videos for a New Generation

Socially conscious videos from Canada (about a teenage activist in Thailand) and the U.S. (one about inner-city youth, the other about three families in Bagdad after the gulf war). (4:00)

Sunday, October 9

Do the Right Thing!

Not the Spike Lee feature, but a program of animated and live-action short films dealing with moral questions, from the U.S., Germany, Latvia, and Canada. (10:00)

Short Videos 2

Animated and live-action shorts from Canada and the U.S. (10:00)

Leaping Lizards 2

More short animated and live-action films about animals; these are from England, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway, and the U.S. (Noon)

Short Videos 3

Four works, animated and live-action, from Germany, Canada, and the U.S. (Noon)

The Storks Always Return

A Hungarian feature by Tibor Puszt, set in 1955, about an eight-year-old boy sent to live with his grandfather. To be shown with two shorts from the U.S. (2:00)

Green Screen:

Ways to Honor the Earth

An hour-long video from Burkina Faso and a short video from the U.S., both dealing with environmental issues. (2:00)

Asian Panorama Opening

A program of short films from Japan, and India. (4:00)

Animation Celebration 2

Four animated videos from the U.S. (4:00)

Monday, October 10

Animation Celebration 3

Short films from England, the U.S., Latvia, and Germany. (10:00)

Opening Shot: Out of the Dump

An English video about Guatemalan children, to be shown with shorter videos from Uruguay and Canada. (10:00)

Animation Celebration 4

An international selection of short films. (Noon)

Short Videos 4

Short videos from Australia, the Netherlands, and the U.S. (Noon)

Chaupi Mundi:

The Heart of the World

A German film set in the Andes of Ecuador, showing with short films from Uruguay and Canada. (2:00)

Green Screen 2

Animated and live-action videos from the Philippines, the U.S., Denmark, Russia, England, and Brazil. (2:00)

Panda the Sun

A feature by Yang Li Kuo from mainland China, to be shown with Cycle, a short film from India. (4:00)