The 23rd Chicago International Children’s Film Festival continues this week with programs ranging from collections of short films suitable for preschoolers to dramatic features for school-age kids. Among the features are the Estonian feature Ruudi, about a boy’s quest to tour a Viking longboat (Sat 10/28, 11 AM, Facets Cinematheque); Wild Soccer Bunch 3, part of a series of German sports adventures (Sat 10/28, 1:30 PM, Wilmette); Winky’s Horse (2005), about a Chinese girl whose family has moved to the Netherlands (Sat 10/28, 1 PM, Facets Cinematheque; Sun 10/29, 10:30 AM, Wilmette); and the Israeli feature Little Heroes, about a young telepathic Russian immigrant (Sun 10/29, 1:30 PM, Wilmette). Professional actors will be on hand to read subtitles aloud for programs geared to kids nine and under.

In addition to the screenings the festival offers several workshops on acting and animation. Registration for workshops is required in advance at (by phone, 773-281-2166 or 773-281-9075).

For the complete festival schedule see Tickets can be ordered at or 866-468-3401.

a Facets Cinematheque, 1517 W. Fullerton, 773-281-9075; Wilmette, 1122 Central, Wilmette, 847-251-7411; $8, $6 for kids.