The tenth annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, featuring films and videotapes from about a dozen countries, runs from Friday, October 8, through Sunday, October 17. In the listings below, films and videos not identified by country are from the United States. All screenings are at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton. Single tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for children and Facets members; a pass good for four films is $15 for adults, $10 for children. For more information call 281-9075.


In Recognition of

the Rights of the Child

Ten shorts including Jessica Yu’s Sour Death Balls, Girish Rao’s The Threads from India, the collectively made Madre Tierra from Uruguay, and the collectively made, animated Rights From the Heart from Canada. (7:30)

Videos: program 1

Scott Campbell’s Roller Coaster Boogie, Vera Saar’s Canadian animated Horse Biscuits, Camiel Schouwenaar’s Dutch Six Chicken Stories, Peter Settman’s Swedish Sugarella, Robert Jan Birkenfield’s Dutch Road to School: Ghosts, and Peter Marshall’s Canadian Eli’s Lesson. (7:30)


An Elephant for Tilly

A little boy gives his kid sister an elephant in this German feature by Karola Hattop. To be shown with two animated shorts. (10:00 am)

Animation: program 1

Ed Counts’s Joey Learns to Fly, John Clark Matthews’s Mouse Soup, Alexander Tatarsky and Igor Kovalev’s Russian American Here Comes the Cat, Millie Goldsholl’s Rebellion of the Flowers, Christopher Hinton’s Canadian Blackfly, Christina Schindler’s German Gutter Pirates, and Mihail Badica’s Danish The Tinderbox. (Noon)

Mission Top Secret:

The Polish Pony Puzzle

Marcus Cole’s English video is about an international network of children looking for a kidnapped pony that has been taken to Krakow. To be shown with Brian Sobaski’s animated video Brain Yardski’s ABC’s. (Noon)

Peter in Magicland

Wolfgang Urchs’s animated German feature, dubbed into English, about a brother and sister on a fantasy adventure; to be shown with Jessica Yu’s Sour Death Balls and Peter Roeck’s Canadian The Boy Who Loved Rain. (2:00)

The Engine

A group of children commandeer a steam engine to Siberia in this German video by Gerd Haag; to be shown with Scott Campbell’s Roller Coaster Boogie, Bo Feng’s animated Magic Strokes, and Renat Gazisov’s Russian animated Midnight Games. (2:00)

Honoring the Rights of the Child

Teresa Lang’s animated Canadian To Bear Oneself, Annette Danto’s Madrasi Child, Kenneth Jones’s The Clearing, Jean-Philippe Luxen’s Belgian Homard Champagne and Ravioli, Ludmila Zeman Spaleny and Eugen Spaleny’s animated Canadian Lord of the Sky, Ron Pereira’s Kid, and Ram Mohan’s animated Indian The Tree. (4:00)

Videos: program 2

Tony Papa’s Come and Get It, Scott Campbell’s Roller Coaster Boogie, Michael Burlingame’s Farewell, Chuck Rubin’s Canadian animated Iris the Happy Professor, Alexander Hall’s English The Magic Bag, David Cobham’s English Amy, and Zuzana Hojdova’s Czech In Love. (4:00)


Cathy and the Ghosts

A girl joins forces with ghosts in a haunted house to defeat some villains in Jindrich Polak’s Czech feature; to be shown with Jacques Fusilier’s French Vertical Horizon. (10:00 am)

Little Angel Make a Joy

Usman Saparov’s Turkmenistani feature about children during World War II learning to survive without their parents; to be shown with animated shorts from Poland and Russia. (Noon)

Fun for Our Youngest Audiences

Animated videos from Canada and the U.S. (Noon)

Folktales and Fables

Olli Soinio’s Finnish feature Rolli–Amazing Tales and Michael Lichtenberger’s Temujin: A Teller’s Tale. (2:00)

Animation: program 2

Three videos: John McCally’s Follow the Drinking Gourd, Craig Wilson’s Canadian A Bunch of Munsch: Paper Bag Princess, and Les Orton’s English Santa’s First Christmas. (2:00)

The Princess and the Goblin

An English animated feature by Joszef Gemes; to be shown with Polish and German shorts. (4:00)

Making the Right Choices: Growing Up Stories

Three videos: Scott Campbell’s Roller Coaster Boogie, Luis Avalos’s Paquito’s Gift from Spain, and David Devine’s Beethoven Lives Upstairs from Canada. (4:00)


Short Films: program 1

Jessica Yu’s Sour Death Balls, Horst Schier’s German Carnivale del Animale, the collectively made Madre Tierra from Uruguay, Mihail Badica’s Danish The Tinderbox, and Christina Schindler’s German Gutter Pirates. (10:00 am)

I Love Noise

Bob Entrop’s Dutch feature about a 15-year-old who’s been blind since birth; to be shown with Millie Goldsholl’s animated Rebellion of the Flowers. (Noon)

Youth Speak Out:

Issues for Kids Today

Live-action and animated videos about drugs, violence, racism, and homelessness, from the U.S. and Canada. (Noon)

Growing Up Stories

Two films about “young girls who bring strength to their families”: Michelle Wagner’s When Beans Grow and Cheryl Leader’s Tanto Tiempo. (2:00)


The Joy of Childhood

Ed Counts’s animated Joey Learns to Fly, Teresa Lang’s Canadian animated To Bear Oneself, Peter Roeck’s Canadian The Boy Who Loved Rain, Ian Diaz’s English Meg Foster, and Martha Parker’s The Silver Swing. (10:00 am)

Music to Your Ears!

Short animated and live-action films with music, from the U.S., Poland, Canada, and Uruguay. (Noon)

Videos: program 3

Zuzana Hojdova’s Czech In Love; to be shown with three short videos. (Noon)


Green Screen: An Animated Tribute to the Earth

Animated and live-action videos from the U.S., Uruguay, Canada, Norway, and India. (10:00 am)

If the Mango Tree Could Speak

Patricia Gouduis and William Turnley’s hour-long video about ten children from Guatemala and El Salvador; to be shown with Fred Marx’s video about basketball players, Higher Goals. (10:00 am)

Frida, Straight From the Heart

Berit Nesheim’s Norwegian feature about a 15-year-old named Frida. (Noon)

Youth-Produced Videos:

program 1

Live-action and animated videos made by children between the ages of 6 and 11. (Noon)


Journey to Spirit Island

Laszlo Pal’s feature about two city children joining a brother and sister from the Makah tribe for an adventure in the Pacific Northwest; to be shown with Christopher Hinton’s animated Canadian Blackfly. (10:00 am)

A New Perspective:

Videos With a Message

Double Dutch, Double Jeopardy, Hey Biss Kids: Xenophobia and Racism from Germany, Different Dance: A Story About Respecting Others, and Behind the Scenes With David Hockney. (10:00 am)


Megan Simpson’s New Zealand feature about a teenage girl who dreams of being a swimming champion; to be shown with the short It’s Like Lies. (Noon)

Youth-Produced Videos:

program 2

Live-action and animated videos directed by students aged 12 to 17. (Noon)