The ninth annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, featuring films and videotapes from about a dozen countries, continues from Friday, October 16, through Sunday, October 18. In the listings below, films and videos not identified by country are from the United States. All screenings are at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton. Single tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for children and Facets members; a pass good for four films is $15 for adults, $10 for children. For more information call 281-9075.


The Penknife

A Dutch feature by Ben Sombogaart about a six-year-old who goes in search of a friend who recently moved, hoping to return a penknife. To be shown with Loraine Marshall’s animated Portly’s Hat from the UK (10:00 am)

Witches From Suburbia

Two little girls discover a magic cookbook in a Czech feature by Drahomira Kralova. On the same program, Evan Frizzell’s animated short Great White Man-Eating Shark from Australia and the U.S. (Noon)

Shorts #1

A program devoted to ecologically oriented videos: Andrew Laurenson’s Canadian The Big Oven, Eric Eggleton and Stephen Ellis’s When Bears Go Fishing, Darren D. Kiner’s animated Bob the Frog in “Burp!”, Tomas and Mathias Wegmann’s German The Little Sparrow, Tony Papa’s Trees, Klaas Trampe’s Dutch There You Go; Grow, Brian Jameson’s Bitsa from the UK, and Randy Woolgar’s Canadian Ecosong. (Noon)


Shorts #2

Evan Frizzell’s animated Great White Man-Eating Shark from Australia and the U.S., Michael Seitzman’s Fishy Love, Virginia Wilkos’s animated The Three Little Pigs, Bernard Wilets’s I’ll Fix Anthony, Jonathan McClenahan and Spike Brandt’s animated Dudley’s Classroom Adventure, Rudolf Urc and Ondrej Slivka’s animated The White Lady Lucy from Czechoslovakia, Josef Zeman’s animated The Drakes Show Themselves from Czechoslovakia, Francine Desbiens’ animated Draw Me a Song from Canada, and Lubomir Benes’s animated The Sad Princess from Czechoslovakia. (10:00 am)

The Penknife

See listing under Friday, October 16. (Noon)


An animated fantasy from the United Kingdom by Jackie Cockle, Francis Vose, and Chris Taylor, to be shown on video. (Noon)

Shorts #3

Celia Kendrick’s animated Fur and Feathers, Jonathan Nordlicht’s animated Breaking the Ice, Teck Tan’s Australian My Tiger’s Eyes, Michael Sporn’s animated Jazztime Tale, and Larry Sulkis’s World Song. (2:00)

Shorts #4

A video program: Theo Kerp’s animated The Little Polar Bear from Germany, Jorge Montesi’s The Fall from Canada, and Anton Tomasic’s An Infernal Plot from Slovenia. (2:00)

Animated Shorts #1

Graham Ralph’s English Classroom Distractions, Les Drew’s Canadian Every Dog’s Guide to the Playground, Daniel Greaves’s English Manipulation, Mattias Gordon’s Swedish Just an Unordinary Day, Brian Duchscherer’s Canadian The Balgonie Birdman, Frantisek Jurisic’s Czech The Needle, Celia Kendrick’s Only the Cat Saw It, and John Matthews’s Uncle Elephant. (4:00)


The Flying Sneaker

Bretislav Pojar’s Czech-Canadian feature, an animated fantasy adventure. To be shown with Rudolf Urc and Ondrej Slivka’s animated The White Lady Lucy from Czechoslovakia. (10:00 am)

Shorts #5

Lori Lansens’s Canadian Tessa, Chris Boebel’s Like/Dislike, Mary Ahmann’s Wednesday’s Child, Michael Sporn’s animated Jazztime Tale, and Ingrid Breyer’s Total Eclipse. (Noon)

Shorts #6

A video program: Jorge Montesi’s The Fall from Canada, Candace Hunter’s The Making of Tamika’s World, Leslie Schwartz’s Jing, a Chinese Girl, and Tony Collingwood’s animated Cries and Dolls from the UK. (Noon)

Beyond the Seven Seas

A Pakistani boy travels to Norway in search of his father in this feature in Norwegian and Urdu by Saeed Anjum and Espen Thorstensen. On the same program, Olias Barco’s short Wink. (2:00)

Shorts #1

See listing under Friday, October 16. (2:00)