This festival of over 100 films and videotapes from over 25 countries continues at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, Friday, October 23, through Sunday, October 25. Single tickets are $2.50 for adults and children; a pass good for five films is $10. For more information, call 929-5437.

SHORT FILMS XI From England, Wales, Finland, and Spain. (Friday, October 23, 10:00 am)

WHY WAS I BORN? Li Yalin and Yan Wenfan’s feature from the People’s Republic of China recounts the problems of a little boy in a Chinese village whose parents have separated. Living with his father, he can only see his mother occasionally in secret, and the emotional pressures that he experiences lead to problems in school. (Friday, October 23, 1:00)

SHORT FILM XII From the United States, Japan. Venezuela. the People’s Republic of China, Romania, Canada, and India. (Saturday, October 24, 10:00 am)

CHICKS FOR CAIRO From the Federal Republic of Germany, Arend Agthe’s film describes the plight of a baby chick left behind when it and 200,000 other chicks are being transported by air. After it’s recovered, it disappears–and 12-year-old Lester and his clairvoyant grandmother Lily come to the rescue. (Saturday, October 24, 10:00 am)

THE SCHOOL GHOST Rolf Losansky’s East German film features an offbeat and imaginative little girl who conjures up a friendly and humorous ghost. (Saturday, October 24, noon)

SHORT FILMS XIII From the United States, Canada, Yugoslavia, and Norway. (Saturday, October 24, noon)

SHORT FILMS XIV From the United States, Canada, West Germany, and Romania. (Saturday, October 24, 2:00)

WALKING ON AIR An adaptation of a short story by Ray Bradbury describes the efforts of a teenage paraplegic to become an astronaut. To be shown with another SF video short, Flashback, about a 12-year-old boy of the present transported back to World War II, who addresses two present-day teenagers through a newsreel. (Saturday, October 24, 2:00)

THE KIDNAPPING IN TIUTIURISTANIE Zdislaw Kudla and Franciszek Pyter’s animated Polish feature is about the kidnapping of Princess Violinessa. A cat, a rooster, and a vixen join forces with the White Magician and come to her rescue. (Saturday, October 24, 4:00)

A CHILD’S CHRIISTMAS IN WALES An old man relives his boyhood in this Canadian video. Two English videos round out the program: Dramarama: Peter, a ghost story in which the spirit of a dead soldier visits his hometown as a boy and meets his own son, and Frankie’s Hat, about a teenage mother celebrating her birthday with a younger sister. (Saturday, October 24, 4:00)

VIOLIN SOLO IN THE ELVES’ GARDEN Cristiana Nicolae’s Romanian feature concerns a young girl’s discipline and self-confidence as they are tested in a music competition. (Sunday, October 25, 10:00 am)

THE WORST WITCH Robert Young’s live-action featurette on video, made in England, is a satire on English boarding schools; the setting is a school for witches. To be shown with a program of British shorts and Andre Melancon’s feature-length Canadian film Bach and Broccoli. (Sunday, October 25, 10:00 am)

THE YOUNG MAGICIAN A Canadian feature, directed by Waldemar Dziki, about the adventures of a boy whose discovery of his magical powers leads to difficulties in school and with adults–until, with the help of some friends, he becomes a hero in a community crisis. (Sunday, October 25, noon)

SHORT FILMS XV From Wales and England. (Sunday, October 25, noon)

SHORT FILMS XVI From Canada, the United States, India, and Yugoslavia. (Sunday, October 25, 2:00 pm)

BEST OF THE FESTIVAL A three- to four-hour screening of the best films from the festival as selected by the official festival jury and the ballots of children attending the various festival programs. (Sunday, October 25, 4:00)

TELECAT A Belgian cartoon video features an ostrich and a cat serving as anchors on a daily news broadcast. With Bogus, a Belgian claymation production about a mischievous goblin, and How Things Work, two episodes from the French animated educational series. (Sunday, October 25, 4:00)