Films and videotapes from more than 25 countries will be screened at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, Friday, October 11, through Sunday, October 20. Single tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for children and Facets members; a pass good for four films is $15 for adults, $10 for children. For more information call 281-9075.


THE FLEA A Greek feature by Dimitris Spyrou (who will be present for this screening) about a 12-year-old boy in a remote village who publishes a newspaper called The Flea and sends it all over Greece. On the same program, David B. Fain’s animated short Oral Hygiene. (7:30)

THE GIFT A boy in a Welsh family is able to foresee the future in this British feature by Marc Evans and Red Saunders; on the same program, Gordon Thomas’s animated short The Baby From Outer Space. To be shown on video. (7:30)


THE FLEA See listing under Friday, October 11. On the same program, Milan Cheylov’s Canadian short He Ain’t Heavy. (10:00 am)

ANIMATION CELEBRATION A selection of 13 animated shorts from Canada, England, the U.S., Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, India, and Germany, with appearances by two of the American filmmakers. (Noon)

VIDEO ANIMATION CELEBRATION Eleven animated shorts on video from England, Croatia, Germany, Korea, the U.S., and Canada. (Noon)

ANGEL SQUARE A Canadian feature by Anne Wheeler, set in a Canadian town in the late 40s, about a boy and the conflicts that ensue when his best friend’s father is attacked for being Jewish. (This film is also being screened today at the Chicago International Film Festival; see the first section of this issue for a review.) On the same program, Graham Ralph’s Spider’s Song, an animated English short. (2:00)

GIRL OF THE LIMBERLOST A U.S. feature by Burt Brinckerhoff, adapted from a book by Gene Stratton-Porter, about a little girl who escapes a troubled relationship with her mother by befriending a naturalist and photographer. To be shown on video. (2:00)

HOLIDAYS WITH SILVESTER An Austrian feature by Bernd Neuberger about a seven-year-old girl, magic, and adventure. To be shown with Stephen Barnes’s Canadian animated short, Capital P. (4:00)

MOONHUNTER A German feature by Jens-Peter Behrend about the adventures of a girl and her grandfather in Brazil, where they travel through the jungle with an Indian boy in search of her father’s plane that has crashed. On the same program, Allan Albert’s U.S. short Carousel. To. be shown on video. (4:00)


THE FOOL OF THE WORLD AND THE FLYING SHIP Francis Vose directed this English animated feature about brothers vying for the hand of a princess in a contest to build a flying ship. To be shown with Eileen O’Meara’s animated Agnes Escapes From the Nursing Home and Rebecca Foster’s live-action Day With Sarah. (10:00 am)

VIDEO ANIMATION CELEBRATION See listing under Saturday, October 12. (10:00 am)

DANCE OF THE POLAR BEARS A Danish feature directed by Birger Larsen about a boy’s difficulty reestablishing his identity when his mother leaves home to live with her new boyfriend. To be shown with Eric Schwartzman’s U.S. short American Runaway. (Noon)’

BROTHER FUTURE A Detroit street kid (Phil Lewis) is hit by a car; when he awakes, he finds himself a slave in South Carolina in 1822. An American made-for-TV film by Roy Campanella Jr.; with Kenyatta Jackson, Carl Lumbly, Frank Converse, and Bernard Addison. To be shown on video. (Noon)

MY SKY, MY HOME An Indonesian feature directed by Slamet Rahardjo Djarot about a rich boy and a poor boy who develop a friendship based on their shared interest in magazines and the English language. To be shown with Sheila Sofian’s U.S. animated short Faith and Patience. (2:00)

PIRATE’S ISLAND An Australian feature about four children floating in a balloon to a mysterious island, where they encounter greedy pirates; Viktors Ritelis directed. On the same program, Edo Lukman’s Croatian animated short Well Done. To be shown on video. (2:00)

THE CHALLENGERS Eric Till’s Canadian feature about a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to join a rock band. On the same program, Rose Bond’s animated U.S. short Macha’s Curse. (4:00)

VIDEO ANIMATION CELEBRATION II Five animated shorts from Canada, England, the U.S., and the Netherlands; to be shown on video. (4:00)


SHELTER An Indian feature directed by one Mr. Sivar, in Malayalam, about the journey of an eight-year-old boy to see his grandfather. To be shown with Shaila Paralkar’s animated Indian short Friendship. (5:00)


SPRING CAP TIME PIECE A German feature based on a true story, about a border escape from the Nazis made by two young siblings; directed by Gunter Friedrich. To be shown with Johan Hagelback’s animated Swedish short The Last Mammoth. (5:00)

MOONHUNTER See listing under Saturday, October 12. On the same program, Gordon Thomas’s animated U.S. short The Baby From Outer Space. To be shown on video. (5:00)


BRITISH CINEMA Three animated British films (Graham Ralph’s Just a Spider, Jimmy T. Murakami’s Dream Express, Francis Vose’s The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship) and one live-action short (Gemen Giancarlo’s Adagio). (5:00)

THE GIFT See listing under Friday, October 11. On the same program, Julia Coutanche’s English short Bertie the Bat’s Big Idea. To be shown on video. (5:00)


SWAMY Shankar Nag’s Indian feature in Hindu, based on R.K. Narayan’s novel Swami and Friends and set near the end of the British rule of India, focuses on the friendship of two boys and their different ways of promoting Indian independence. To be shown with Arun Gongade’s Indian animated short Shand. (5:00)

BROTHER FUTURE See listing under Sunday, October 13. (5:00)