This festival of films and videotapes from more than 25 countries continues at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, from Friday, October 19, through Sunday, October 21. Single tickets are $2.50 for adults and children; a pass good for five films is $10. For more information call 281-9075.


HARD ROAD A film made by British children between the ages of 8 and 16 about two kids who run away from home; directed by Colin Finbow. To be shown with Karin Kelly’s U.S. short, Wildwood Nights, about a girl on holiday who dates an older boy. (2:00)

GEORGE’S ISLAND Halloween ghosts and Captain Kidd’s treasure are among the ingredients of Paul Donovan’s Canadian feature, based on traditional ghost and pirate tales from Nova Scotia. To be shown with Juke-Bar, an animated Canadian short, and Reza Fatemi’s The Little Things, a U.S. short. (4:00)

DREAMSTONE A 53-minute animated fantasy from England, directed by Martin Gates and Phil Robinson. To be shown with live-action shorts from the U.S., Australia, and Brazil. (4:00)


VINCENT AND ME Michael Rubbo directed this Canadian feature about a young female artist and admirer of Vincent van Gogh who sets out to solve an art-theft mystery in Amsterdam. With animated shorts from England and Czechoslovakia. (10:00 am)

THE GIRL FROM TOMORROW The last three half-hour episodes in a 12-part Australian serial directed by Kathy Mueller, about a girl kidnapped from the year 3000 and brought to the present. On the same program, Daddy Can’t Read, a U.S. featurette about a girl who helps in an adult-literacy program. (10:00 am)

ANIMATION PROGRAM John Matthews’s animated U.S. short Stanley and the Dinosaurs. To be followed by a special presentation by Matthews as well as two U.S. shorts about animation: Jerry Rees’s Back to Neverland, with Robin Williams; and Bob Rogers’s retrospective Classic Disney. (Noon)

PRIZEWINNING SHORTS Two films that showcase prizewinning shorts: Doug Wilcox’s English The Magic Mirror, which features animated fairy tales; and American Dream Contest from the U.S. (Noon)

KING OF THE WIND Peter Duffell’s English feature about the adventures of a mute orphan boy and a colt, who leave North Africa in 1727 for France and later go to England. (2:00)

THE GREATEST TUNE ON EARTH Peter Viska’s animated Australian feature about the efforts of a professor and his granddaughter to bring back all the music in the world, which has been swept away by the evil Maestro Maltroppo; to be shown with animated shorts from the U.S. and Brazil. (2:00)

THE GOLDEN SWORD A live-action and animated feature based on classic Russian stories, directed by Rowland Bykob. To be shown with two U.S. shorts: Gary Pollard’s Going Up! and Michael W. Johnson’s animated Olga the Chameleon. (4:00)

SWEET 15 Victoria Hochberg’s live-action feature from the U.S. about the adventures of a Mexican American girl on her birthday. (4:00)


THE POPUL VUH A U.S. animated rendition of Mayan creation stories, with images taken from Mayan pottery; directed by Patricia Amlin. (10:00 am)

FOLKTALES NEAR AND FAR A selection of shorts: Richard T. Morrison’s animated Noah’s Ark, Stacey Steer’s animated Watunna, and Manick Sorcar’s mixture of live action and animation, Rupa and Deepa: A Fairytale From India, all from the U.S.; and Bob Baldwin’s mixture of live action and animation from England, Grim Tales: The Fisherman and His Wife. (10:00 am)

THE BIG WISH A 48-minute Australian fantasy-adventure that includes fairies, goblins, young love, and a music video; directed by Esben Storm. To be shown with shorts from Canada (Kidstuff), England (Granpa), and Norway (Love Is in the Air, without subtitles). (Noon)

SHORTS #4 Shorts from the U.S., Australia, and Brazil. (Noon)

PEACE PROGRAM George Levenson’s animated U.S. short, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes; Mark Joffe’s Australian featurette about a 14-year-old conscientious objector in 1911, Boy Soldiers; and Joan Henson’s Canadian short Rendezvous Canada, about two boys in 17th-century Canada, one French and one Huron Indian. (2:00)

FRIENDS AND SWEETHEARTS Tom Davenport’s U.S. featurette Ashpet: An American Cinderella, an adaptation of the fairy tale. To be shown with three U.S. shorts. (2:00)

BEST OF THE FESTIVAL Selections of the festival’s best films, to be shown in two programs simultaneously in two screening spaces. (4:00)