This festival of films, and videotapes from more than 25 countries, will be held at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, from Friday, October 13, through Sunday, October 22. Single tickets are $2.50 for adults and children; a pass good for five films is $10. For more information call 929-5437.


SUMMER OF THE COLT Andre Melancon’s Canadian feature about an Argentine boy who wants to spend time with his grandfather and wild horses on the pampas. On the same program, Les Drew’s animated The Dingles, also Canadian. (8:00)

THE NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA–A 50TH ANNIVERSARY SALUTE Nine shorts: Bozenna Heczko’s Acid Rain, John Weldon’s The Log Drivers’ Waltz, Janet Perlman’s Lady Fishbourne’s Complete Guide to Better Table Manners and The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, Donald McWilliams’s Aloud/Bagatelle, Bettina Maylone’s The Magic Quilt, Caroline Leaf’s The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend, Lynn Smith’s The Sound Collector, and Robert Forget’s Zea. (8:00)


BODO Gloria Behrens’s live-action feature from West Germany concerns a little boy who clones himself with the aid of a computer in order to catch the interest of the girl of his dreams. On the same program, The Little Shoe, Radek Pilar’s animated Czech short. (10:00 am)

SHORTS #1 Three shorts from Canada–The Bear and the Mouse, The Magic Flute, Mary of Mile 18–plus one short from the U.S. (Ben’s Dream) and one from the People’s Republic of China (A Magic Doctor). (10:00 am)

SHORTS #2 Three shorts from Canada–Dreams of a Land, Stitches in Time, and Double Daniel–and two from the U.S., Kazoo! and Halmani. (Noon)

SHORT$ #3 Four shorts from the U.S.: Truck Songs, Morris Goes to School, House of Cardboard, and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. (Noon)

FILMS BY CO HOEDEMAN Animator Co Hoedeman from the National Film Board of Canada will present a program of his shorts, including The Sand Castle, The Owl and the Raven, Charles and Francois, and The Owl and the Lemming. (2:00)

SHORTS #4 Three shorts from the U.S. (Confessions of a Read-a-holic, Iron Halo, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great), one from Norway (The Price of Freedom), and one from Japan (Geba Geba Show Times). (2:00)

THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURES OF THE THREE MUSKETEERS Victor Antonescu’s animated feature from Romania. On the same program, animated shorts from Poland (Roman Gadek’s Underwater Treasure) and Spain (Trevel Balser’s Metamorfosis). (4:00)

FRIEND OR FOE John Krish’s live-action English feature about two boys in wartime rural England who see a German plane come down. On the same program, Harold Swerg, Ralph Soll’s live-action short from the U.S. based on a Jules Feiffer story. (4:00)


ON MY OWN Tamir Paul’s feature from Israel about an 11-year-old boy going to live with a foster family. On the same program, A Catching Example, an animated Lithuanian short. (10:00 am)

THE MONKEY KING CONQUERS THE DEMON An animated feature from the People’s Republic of China, based on a Buddhist legend. (10:00 am)

SUMMER OF THE COLT See listing for Friday, October 13. (Noon)


PANDA JIAOJIAO Chen Jingshu’s live-action feature from the People’s Republic of China focuses on a boy who joins a circus to train a panda. On the same program, Koko’s Kitten, a U.S. short about a gorilla and a kitten. (2:00)

FRIEND OR FOE See listing for Saturday, October 14. (2:00)

DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Gavin Millar’s English feature, starring Jeremy Irons and his son Samuel, is about a nine-year-old boy who first discovers that his father is a poacher and then discovers why. On the same program, animated shorts from the U.S. (Tin Toy) and Canada (My Shadow). (4:00)

SHORTS #1 See listing for Saturday, October 14. (4:00)


WILLY THE SPARROW A Hungarian animated feature by Jozsef Gemes about a boy who gets into trouble for shooting at sparrows. On the same program, Tiny, a Czech short based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale. (4:00)

OUT OF THE DARKNESS An English live-action feature directed by John Krish about a boy’s encounters with a 300-year-old ghost in a cottage in Derbyshire. (4:00)


KAMILLA AND THE THIEF This Norwegian live-action feature by Grete Salomonsen describes the adventures that ensue when the heroine is rescued from a band of thieves. (4:00)

SHORTS #5 Three shorts from the U.S.–Sleep, My Prince, Beauty and the Beast (narrated by Mia Farrow), and Bohotz: His First Adventure–and one from England, The Hare and the Hedgehog. (4:00)


BYE-BYE, RED RIDING HOOD A live-action fairy tale from Canada, directed by Marta Meszaros. On the same program, Metamorfosis, an animated short from Spain. (4:00)

SILENT MOUSE A fanciful, 52-minute live-action film by Robin Crichton from Scotland about the writing of the song “Silent Night”; to be shown with two English shorts, The Hare and the Hedgehog and Tide Race. (4:00)


JUST ASK FOR DIAMOND The Diamonds are a pair of “brotherly” private eyes in an English parody of film noir detective movies, directed by Stephen Bayly. (4:00)

SHORTS #6 Half a dozen shorts, including five from the U.S. (Thunder and Lightning, Finder, The Journey, Narcissus and Echo, and New Friends), one from Canada (Cat-Elope), and one from the People’s Republic of China (Planting Pear). (4:00)