This festival of films and videotapes from more than 25 countries concludes at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, on Sunday, October 22. Single tickets are $2.50 for adults and children; a pass good for five films is $10. For more information call 929-5437.


SQUIRREL’S MAGIC SHELL Vera Plivova-Simkova’s live-action Czech feature about a little girl, her grandfather, and a special shell. On the same program, Hill Farm, Mark Baker’s English animated short. (4:00)

PANDA JIAOJIAO Chen Jingshu’s live-action feature from the People’s Republic of China focuses on a boy who joins a circus to train a panda. On the same program, Koko’s Kitten, a U.S. short about a gorilla and a kitten. (4:00)


BEHAVE YOURSELF, GABI! Cornel Diaconu’s Romanian feature about a boy’s adventures at his grandparents’ country house. On the same program, two animated shorts, The Little Boy Who Has Stolen the Moon (Swiss-French) and Stepy and Stringy (Czech). (10:00 am)

SHORTS #6 Five shorts from the U.S. (Thunder and Lightning, Finder, The Journey, Narcissus and Echo, and New Friends), one from Canada (Cat-Elope), and one from the People’s Republic of China (Planting Pear). (10:00 am)

SOUTH-WEST PASSAGE Zdenek Sirovy’s Czech feature about a little boy and miners, adapted from a book by Jack London. On the same program, Hill Farm, an English animated short. (noon)

SHORTS #4 Three shorts from the U.S. (Confessions of a Read-a-holic, Iron Halo, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great), one from Norway (The Price of Freedom), and one from Japan (Geba Geba Show Time). (noon)

DANIEL BERGMAN PRESENTS ASTRID LINDGREN ADAPTATIONS Swedish director Daniel Bergman will present the American premiere of two of his films that were adapted from stories by Astrid Lindgren, Brenda Brave and Goodnight, Mr. Vagabond. On the same program, There Are No Robbers in the Forest, Goran Carmback’s Swedish live-action short. (2:00)

THE MONKEY KING CONQUERS THE DEMON An animated feature from the People’s Republic of China, based on a Buddhist legend. (2:00)

MICHAEL SPORN PRESENTS HIS WORK U.S. animator Michael Sporn presents several of his shorts, including The Story of the Dancing Frog, Max’s Christmas, Dr. De Soto, Abel’s Island, and The Hunting of the Snark. (4:00)

OUT OF THE DARKNESS An English live-action feature directed by John Krish about a boy’s encounters with a 300-year-old ghost in a cottage in Derbyshire. (4:00)


ANOKHA ASPATAL The title refers to a shelter for wild animals wounded by poachers, run by a boy and his grandmother, in an Indian feature directed by Mukesh Sharma. On the same program, The Walk, a Swedish animated short. (10:00 am)

THE NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA–A 50TH ANNIVERSARY SALUTE Five shorts: Bernard Longpre and Andre Leduc’s Monsieur Pointu, Gail Hayes Snedden’s My Shadow, Ron Tunis’s Wind, Michael Rubbo’s Adventures, and Maria Demeter’s Bohotz: His First Adventure. (10:00 am)

SHORTS #6 Three shorts from Romania–Michaela and Pinocchio, Talent Show, and The Unexpected Present–and one each from Ireland (Bread and Honey), Poland (Rex and the Woodpecker), and Czechoslovakia (The Mole as a Film Star). (noon)

SHORTS #7 Three English shorts on videotape: Woof, The Hare and the Hedgehog, and Tide Race. (noon)

DANIEL BERGMAN PRESENTS MORE ASTRID LINDGREN ADAPTATIONS A sequel to Saturday’s 2:00 program of new Swedish films adapted from stories by Astrid Lindgren, presented by director Daniel Bergman. (2:00)

TWO VIDEOTAPES Mordicai Gerstein’s animated short The Beauty and the Beast, narrated by Mia Farrow, and Robin Crichton’s live-action Scottish Silent Mouse. (2:00)

BEST OF THE FESTIVAL Selections of the festival’s best films, to be shown in two programs simultaneously in the two screening spaces. (4:00)