Now into its 13th year, this festival of more than 100 films and videotapes from more than 25 countries runs at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, Friday, October 14, through Sunday, October 23. Single tickets are $2.50 for adults and children; a pass good for five films is $10. For more information call 929-5437.

Friday, October 14

THE CHILDREN OF BULLERBY VILLAGE Based on the “Noisy Village” books by Astrid Lindgren, this Swedish film by Lasse Hallstrom (My Life as a Dog) follows the six children of Bullerby, a village consisting of three houses, through the seasons. On the same program, Johann Hagelback’s simply drawn, animated short Little Rabbit and Big Rabbit, also Swedish. (8:00)

SWEDISH FLICKERS 1 Five Swedish shorts: Johann Hagelback’s animated The Wild Baby, Mats Davidson’s The Trick, Henry Mayer’s Billy and Ruby-Red Jacket, Karl Gunnar Holmqvist’s animated Lone Wolf and Nasty Cat, and Berndt Klyvare’s Huskies Never Freeze. (8:00)

Saturday, October 15

TADPOLE AND THE WHALE Jean-Claude Lord’s Canadian feature is about a little girl named Daphne (also known as “Tadpole”) who lives on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. She befriends the whales and dolphins that return every summer, but faces a crisis when her family plans to move. On the same program, Carin Giorgio’s animated The Ant, from Romania. (10:00 am)

FLICKERS 1 Cordell Barker’s Canadian The Cat Came Back and Chris Randall’s English Count Duckula: No Sax Please, We’re Egyptian are both animated shorts; Cohn Finbow’s English and live-action featurette Under the Bed is a spoof of horror films. (10:00 am)

FLICKERS 2 Simon and Sara Bor’s English animated Tube Mice #2 and Tube Mice #13; Todd Holland’s American Chicken Thing (1985), a sort of bargain-basement Poltergeist about some of the scary consequences that can ensue when a little boy watches too much TV; a Czech short called Step by Step; and Diarmuid Lawrence’s English featurette, Exploits at West Poley, set in 1850–a well-crafted Thomas Hardy adaptation suggesting a junior edition of Masterpiece Theatre that charts the various complications that ensue in two neighboring communities after a couple of boys divert the course of a river inside an underground cave. (noon)

SWEDISH FLICKERS 1 See Friday listing. The program will run with the addition of Jan Gissberg and Lars Emanuelsson’s Pirates. (noon)

SUBWAY TO PARADISE Jannik Hastrup’s Danish animated feature has a science fiction plot involving a little girl and her grandmother. On the same program, Joyce Borenstein’s Canadian animated short, The Man Who Stole Dreams. (2:00)

FLICKERS 3 Seven shorts, including four from the U.S. (the clever Luxo Jr., about a pair of desk lamps, father and son, who play catch; Travelling; The Boy and the Snow Goose; and Frog and Toad Are Friends), two from Sweden (Little Rabbit and Big Rabbit and What’s Making That Sound: The Sea), and one from the People’s Republic of China (Monkey Fishing). (2:00)

CHILDREN OF BULLERBY VILLAGE See Friday listing. Will run with the Swedish animated Little Sister Rabbit. (4:00)

FLICKERS 4 Kevin Gillis and Paul Schibli’s Canadian video short Life in the Fast Lane, Dean Parisot’s American Reading Rainbow: The Bionic Bunny (a behind-the-scenes look at the special effects of Star Trek), and Carol Wiseman’s live-action video featurette City Tails, about the children and animals of Brick Alley Farm. (4:00)

Sunday, October 16

PRINCESS JASNA AND THE FLYING COBBLER Zdenek Troska’s live-action Czech feature is a tale of fantasy and adventure. On the same program, three animated shorts: Virginia Wilkos’s The Boy Who Drew Cats (U.S.), Kathleen Houston’s Children of Wax: A Folktale From Zimbabwe (U.S.), and Arnie Lipsey’s The Crow and the Canary (Canada). (10:00 am)

FLICKERS 5 Carol Wiseman’s English featurette The Finding will be shown with Tony Collingwood’s English, animated Rarg and Clark MacKey’s American live-action The Great Race: DeGrassi Jr. High #5. (10:00 am)

BOOKS ALIVE! 1 Beginning a series devoted to films based on books: John Lassiter’s animated Red’s Dream, Bob Godfrey’s Henry’s Cat: Once Upon a Time, Bridget Appleby’s animated The Reluctant Dragon, and John Matthews and Ron Underwood’s Runaway Ralph, which combines animation and live-action. (noon)

BOOKS ALIVE! 2 The first half of Kevin Sullivan’s Anne of Green Gables (the second half will be shown on video a week from today), and two more American animated shorts: Lynn Becker’s The Dragon and the Lass and Kelly Takemura’s Little One-Inch. (noon)

THE LAND OF FARAWAY Vladimir Grammatikov’s Swedish-Soviet fantasy feature stars Christopher Plummer as an evil knight. With Dawning, a Swedish animated short made by several filmmakers. (2:00)

FLICKERS 6 A program of short videos: Nursery Rhyme Time: “Mary” (England), Urp (U.S.), The Lion and the Mouse (U.S.), Fireman Sam (Wales), and Peep and the Big Wide World (Canada). (2:00)

THE HIDDEN CASTLE Adrian Petringenaru’s Rumanian feature, set in the Carpathians, involves the unraveling of the secrets of a medieval castle. On the same program, Laurentio Sirbu’s animated Rumanian short The Ballad of a Cricket. (4:00)

FLICKERS 7 Four videos: James Scott’s American Getting Even: A Wimp’s Revenge, the Australian animated Waltzing Matilda, Michael Schaak’s West German animated The Little Punk, and Geoff Husson’s English fantasy, The Wrong Button. (4:00)

Monday, October 17

FLICKERS 3 See Saturday listing. (10:00 am)

FLICKERS 8 Three American videos: Robert Iscove’s featurette The Incredible Ida Early, Paulle Clark’s Owl/TV, and Allan Albert’s animated All About the Statue of Liberty. (3:00)

Tuesday, October 18

SUBWAY TO PARADISE See Saturday listing. (10:00 am)

PETER AND POMPEY Michael Carson’s Australian, feature-length video is about three children who find an ancient Roman boat in a cave and translate a diary that reveals the boat’s secret. On the same program, a claymation video short from the U.S., Old Man Simon. (3:00)

Wednesday, October 19

BOOKS ALIVE! 1 See Sunday listing. (10:00 am)

REYNO A Swedish-Nicaraguan production, this feature is an adventure story with a nine-year-old boy as hero. On the same program, Kine Aune’s Norwegian animation short, What to Do With Little Jill? (3:00)

Thursday, October 20

COWBOYS DON’T CRY Anne Wheeler’s Canadian video feature concerns the death of a woman in a car accident and how her ten-year-old son and her rodeo-cowboy husband come to terms with it. (10:00 am)

THE MAGIC SNOWMAN This U.S.-Yugoslavia production stars Roger Moore, of James Bond fame, as the eponymous lead, who advises his young friend Jamie that it’s too dangerous to participate in a traditional Christmas race across the ice. On the same program, Otemba, a U.S. short about an eight-year-old Japanese tomboy living in LA’s Little Tokyo. (3:00)