The sixth annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival continues from Friday, October 5, through Sunday, October 7. Film screenings will be held at the Three Penny Cinema, 2424 N. Lincoln; at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton; and at the Roberto Clemente High School auditorium, 1147 N. Western. Ticket prices per program are $6 for adults; $4 for students, senior citizens, and handicapped persons; and $3 for Facets and Chicago Latino Cinema members. Group discounts are also available. For information call 751-3419, 431-1330, or 663-1600, ext. 317.


THE SUN AND THE MOON Kevin Conway’s 1987 U.S. film concerns an affluent New Yorker who returns to the South Bronx and her Puerto Rican roots, and falls in love with a Puerto Rican separatist. With Jose Ferrer as an eccentric landlord, and Maria Norman (who coproduced the film, and will be present at the screening). (Roberto Clemente High School, 1:00)

DEEP Antonio Llerandi directed this Venezuelan-Colombian production about a Venezuelan family who are persuaded, thanks to a vision and the advice of a witch, that treasure is buried under their floorboards–though they can only find it if they cleanse themselves of sin (1988). Producer Reynaldo De Los Llanos will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 6:30)

LA OFRENDA: THE DAYS OF THE DEAD and THEATER Two documentaries. La Ofrenda, directed by Lourdes Portillo (who will be present at the screening) and Susana Munoz, is about the Mexican holiday in November. Theater–directed by Ruth Shapiro, Edward Burke, and Pamela Yates–concerns a Jesuit priest and his traveling theater company who deliver a social message along the back roads of Honduras. Both films were made last year. (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:30)

VIDEOS FROM EL SALVADOR Alicia’s Story by Susan Rice, Louis Smith, and John Ankele (1989); Media War in El Salvador by Ilan Ziv (1989); and Stories of Cuscatlan (1989), written by Manlio Argueta and directed by Peter Chappell and Jane Ryder. (Three Penny, 7:00)

MARIA CANO A Colombian biopic about a poet and labor leader of the 1920s, played by Maria Eugenia Davila. Director Camila Loboguerrero will be present. (Three Penny, 9:00)

LOLA This Mexican feature by Maria Novaro, which won the “best first work” award at the 1989 Havana film festival, is about the relationship between a vendor selling clothes illegally in Mexico City and her neglected daughter. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)

ASSORTED VIDEOS Five videos from around the world. Three from the U.S.: Juan Garza’s Albert Pastor’s First Video Project, the United Farm Workers’ The Wrath of Grapes, and Mickey Friedman and John MacGruer’s 10 Days/10 Years: Nicaraguan Elections of 1990. One from Argentina: Maria Cristina Civale’s I Am Not an Anyone. And one from Bolivia: Kurt Buser and Ken Schneider’s Handmade. (Three Penny, 9:30)


PATAKIN A musical comedy from Cuba that weaves dance numbers and ideological lessons into a story of two boyhood buddies, one a womanizing city dweller and the other a desperately romantic tractor driver. Manuel Octavio Gomez directed (1983). (DK) (Three Penny, 3:00)

AIDS VIDEOS Five short videos: the Chicago Community Television Network’s AIDS: Questions and Answers (1987), Peter Biella and Frances Negron’s AIDS in the Barrio: It Can’t Happen to Me (1989), Warren Asa Maxey’s At Risk (1989), Severo Perez’s Between Friends (1989), and Lourdes Portillo’s Life (1989). Portillo will be present. (Three Penny, 3:30)

THE SUN AND THE MOON See listing under Friday, October 5. (Three Penny, 6:30)

ASSORTED SHORT FILMS Olivia Carrescia’s Todos Santos: The Survivors from Guatemala (1989), Paul Yule and Andy Harries’s Our God the Condor from Peru (1989), Mark Street’s Mission Stop from the U.S. (1989), and Tania Cypriano’s Long Live Me! from Brazil (1989). (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:30)

VIDEOS FROM PERU Three videos from Peru: Luc Cote, Robbie Hart, and Joel Bertomeu’s Growing Up in the South and Flying Farmer (both 1989); and Mike Akester’s Music of the Devil, the Bear, and the Condor (1989). (Three Penny, 7:00)

SHE CAN DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY “She” is an ambitious businesswoman with an art-forgery scam, a new lover found in the Amazon gold fields, and a former lover in pursuit. A Brazilian feature directed by Sergio Rezende (The Man in the Black Cape), who will be present at the screening (1989). (Three Penny, 9:00)

DEEP See listing under Friday, October 5. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)

VIDEOS FROM GUATEMALA Sonia Gonzalez’s Weaving the Future: Women of Guatemala (1988), Jonathan Treat’s The Dumpster (1989), and Felix Zurita de Higes’s Paths of Silence (1988). (Three Penny, 9:30)


AIDS VIDEOS See listing for Saturday, October 6. (Three Penny, 2:30)

THE MOON IN THE MIRROR This Chilean feature by Columbia College graduate Silvio Caiozzi, who will be present at the screening, centers on the relationship between a bedridden ex-marine and his fat, submissive son who takes care of him. (Three Penny, 3:00 and 8:00)

PUERTO RICAN SHORTS Two shorts from the U.S.: Oona Farrell’s Gentle Flight (1987) and Pedro Rivera and Susan Zeig’s Plena Is Work, Plena Is Song (1989); and one from Puerto Rico: Luis Antonio Rosario’s Cimarron (1986). (Facets Multimedia Center, 3:00)

CHICANO VIDEOS Carlos Aceves’s And the Dead Shall Rise (1989), Carlos Aceves and Ignacio Acosta’s Revolution (1989), and Bob Paris and Christiane Badgley’s The Shrine (1990). (Three Penny, 5:30)

ON THE AIR The subject of this Cuban feature by Pastor Vega is the political education and newly found romance of a young journalist who takes a job at a small-town radio station in the mountains (1988). (Three Penny, 6:00)

THE SUN AND THE MOON See listing under Friday, October 5. (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:00)

SHE CAN DRIVE A PERSON CRAZY See listing under Saturday, October 6. (Facets Multimedia Center, 8:30)

THE LEGEND OF THE PRIEST FROM BARGOTA Spanish filmmaker Pedro Olea’s adaptation of a Spanish legend about a mysterious priest who proves to be the devil’s son. (Three Penny, 9:00)