The fifth annual edition of the Chicago Latino Film Festival continues through Sunday, October 1. Film screenings will be held at the Three Penny Cinema, 2424 N. Lincoln, and at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton. Video screenings will be held at the Hokin Center, Columbia College, 623 S. Wabash. Ticket prices per program are $6 for adults, $4 for students, senior citizens, and handicapped persons, and $3 for members of Facets–except for video screenings, which cost $2. For information call 944-4411 or 431-1330.


ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS A 52-minute video documentary by Gaston Ancelovici and Jaime Barrios that takes a critical look at the invasion of Latin America by U.S. evangelism. (Hokin Center, noon)

PEPI, LUCI, BOM AND OTHER GIRLS ON THE HEAP The first mainstream feature of Pedro Almodovar focuses on the revenge of a pot-smoking heiress on a policeman who rapes her. With Carmen Maura, Felix Rotaeta, Olvido Gara, and Eva Siva (1980). (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:30)

NICOLAS Y LOS DEMAS Jacobo Morales’s Puerto Rican feature, to be shown without subtitles, is a satire about upper-crust society featuring Daniel Lugo, Silvia Montanari, and Morales. Lugo and Morales will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 6:30)

GOD CREATED THEM The first feature of Puerto Rican filmmaker Jacobo Morales, who deals with upper-class Puerto Rican society in five separate sketches (1980). Morales–a playwright, poet, and TV writer–wrote, produced, and directed the film, and acted in two of the episodes. He will be present at the screening, along with actor Daniel Lugo. (Three Penny, 9:00)

THE REWARD A tragicomedy from Colombia by Manuel Franco about the mishaps that befall a man who finds a suitcase full of money and turns it over to the authorities, to the chagrin of his friends and family. With Rafael Maldonado and Lucy Martinez (1985). On the same program, When the World Turned Dark, a documentary about the combining of Chistianity and traditional Andean rites in a Peruvian village; directed by Gianfranco Annichini (1988). (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)


TUPAC AMARU Federico Garcia’s period film from Peru, about the revolt against the Spanish led by the Inca hero Amaru in 1780 that ended with his brutal execution by the authorities. The film ends with an account of the 1975 agrarian revolutionary movement named after him. With Reynaldo Arenas, Zully Azurin, and Enrique Almirante (1985). (Three Penny, 2:00)

GOD CREATED THEM See listing for Friday, September 29. (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:30)

ROMELIA’S SECRET Busi Cortes’s Mexican film, adapted from a novel by -Rosario Castellanos, concerns the family secret that comes to light when the title character returns to her hometown with her daughter and granddaughters to claim the estate of her recently deceased husband. With Diana Bracho, Pedro Armendariz, and Dolores Beristain (1988). Cortes and Armendariz will be present at the screening. (Three Penny, 6:30)

NICOLAS Y LOS DEMAS See listing for Friday, September 29. (Facets Multimedia Center, 9:00)

A VERY OLD MAN WITH ENORMOUS WINGS Writer-director Fernando Birri’s Cuban-Spanish-Italian production, based on a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, describes what happens when the hero discovers that a cyclone has delivered a very old man with enormous wings to his small farmhouse in Colombia. With Daisy Granados, Asdrubal Melendez, Luis Alberto Ramirez, and Birri (1988). (Three Penny, 9:00.)


THE REWARD See listing for Friday, September 29. (Three Penny, 2:00)

A BAILAR: THE JOURNEY OF A LATIN AMERICAN DANCE COMPANY A documentary short by Catherine Calderon about Eddie Torres’s Latin dance company (1988). (Three Penny, 3:00)

ROMELIA’S SECRET See listing for Saturday, September 30. (Facets Multimedia Center, 6:00)

FABLE OF THE BEAUTIFUL PIGEON FANCIER Ruy Guerra’s Brazilian feature, based on a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, about a wealthy and spoiled adulterer who falls in love with a married woman who has a small child and messenger pigeons. With Ney Latorraca, Claudia Ohana, Tonia Carrero, and Chico Diaz (1988). On the same program, Adriana Zuanic’s U.S. short Still a Bridge, about a woman returning to her hometown to visit her ailing grandfather. (Three Penny, 6:00)

HOUSE FOR SWAP Juan Carlos Tabio’s Cuban comedy about trading houses in contemporary Cuba focuses on the schemes of a nightclub singer to find a house for her daughter in the right neighborhood (1984). (Three Penny, 8:30)

TUPAC AMARU See listing for Saturday, September 30. (Facets Multimedia, 8:30)