The 16th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival continues from Friday, November 15, through Sunday, November 17, at the Halsted Street Cafe, 3641 N. Halsted. Advance tickets can be purchased a half hour before the first show of the day. Tickets are $5 for shows before 6 pm, $7 for shows after 6 pm; discount passes are also available. For more information call 773-384-0048 or 773-384-5533.


Spoof Poof

Five short works from the U.S. and Canada. (7:00)

Boys Just Want to Have Fun, Too

See Critic’s Choice. (9:00)


Kamikaze Summer

A U.S. documentary by Chris Collins about the campaign of the religious right against homosexuals. On the same program, All God’s Children, a short documentary. (Noon)

Aussies From Oz

Two hour-long documentaries from Austrailia, both made in 1995; Andrew Saw’s Ladies Please, about three drag queens, and Stephen MacLean’s Peter Allen: The Boy From Oz, about the late songwriter. (2:00)

Gay Cuba

A 1995 documentary by Sonja de Vries. On the same program, a short video about the early days of gay liberation for black men, Charles Lofton’s O Happy Day. (4:15)

I Was a Jewish Sex Worker

See Critic’s Choice. (6:00)

Meeting Magdalene

Three short works from the U.S., including Marilyn Freeman’s Meeting Magdalene (1995).(8:00)


Gay Ricans Speakin’ Out

An hour-long documentary about gay Puerto Rican men in New York, to be shown with two short videos. (1:00)

Jim Loves Jack: The Jack Egan Story

David Akin’s hour-long documentary Jim Loves Jack: The Jack Egan Story from Canada. On the same program, Pam Walton’s hour-long Family Values from the U.S. (3:00)

Queer Animation for Boys and Girls

Eight animated cartoons with gay themes from New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and the U.S. (5:15)

Murder and Murder

Yvonee Rainer’s new feature about a middle-aged lesbian couple who find out that one of them has breast cancer. If you know anything about Rainer’s provocative and invaluable work, you’ll need no recommendation from me. (7:00)

My Summer Vacation

A 1995 Canadian narrative feature by Sky Gilbert, set in Toronto, about a young man who sets out to film his own sexual experiences. (9:00)