The 12th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival continues Friday through Sunday, November 13 through 15, at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont. Tickets ($4 for most matinees, $6 for most evening shows) go on sale a half hour before the first show and can be purchased in advance. For further information call 281-1981 or 281-8788.


Born to Be Bad

Not the Nicholas Ray feature but a program of nine short films and videos, leading off with Sadie Benning’s lovely, funny, and affecting video It Wasn’t Love and concluding with Suzie Silver’s outrageous and funny music video The Spy (Hester Reeves Does the Doors). The other seven offerings, none of which I’ve seen, are: Joseph Frank’s P.S. You’re Dead!, Katrin Barben’s Swiss Bad Girl Bar, James Raymond’s video Fingered!, Paul Avedisian’s Next in Sequins, Azian an Nurudin’s video Wicked Radiance, Myra Paci’s Transeltown (1991), and Susan Muska and Hra Gunnarsdottir’s video Staford’s Story. (7:00 and 11:00)

Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Ilppo Pohjola’s Finnish documentary about the influential gay artist Tom of Finland, completed shortly before Tom’s death last year at the age of 71. On the same program, Michael Brynntrup’s short Love, Jealousy and Revenge and Richard Fontaine’s short Cell Mates (1968). (9:00)


Gay Youth

A 40-minute video by Pam Walton that contrasts the stories of two young gay people and how they cope with their situations. On the same program, James Middleton’s Solo Run (1989), T. Osa Hidalgo-de la Riva’s video Mujeria: Primitive and Proud, Nancy D. Kates’s Castro Cowboy, and Chris Collins’s video Our Own Image. (1:00)

Drawing the Line: Lesbian Representation

Five videos: Jane Cottis’s War on Lesbians, Mary Patten’s My Courbet…or, a Beaver’s Tale, Wendy Weinberg’s interesting Beyond Imagining: Margaret Anderson and “The Little Review” (1991), and two from Canada, Lorna Boschman’s Drawing the Line and Charline Boudreau’s Perilous Liaisons (1991). (3:00)

Saturday Night Out

Four British videos: Clare Beavan’s Hollywood and Homophobia, Innings (1991), and Suddenly Last Summer (1991), and Shauna Brown’s The Gay Rock ‘n’ Roll Years (1991). (5:00)


Eleven film and video shorts. The films are Sara Whiteley’s Rapture, Simeon Hunter’s St. Mulekicker, and Jennifer Johns’s Nexus. The videos are Leslie Asako Gladsjo’s Stigmata: The Transfigured Body, John Yahnke’s His Red Snow White Apple Lips (1991), Wallace Gorell’s Acid Housewife “Wash This Way” (1990), Amy Wilson’s Hood Ring, Charline Boudreau’s Canadian Perilous Liaisons (1991), Katharine Setzer’s Canadian Trust You (1991), Joe Kelly and Danny Facs’s Skullfuck, and Rick Castro’s Automolove. (7:00 and 11:00)

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

See Critic’s Choice. (9:00)


Oy Gay!

Three pieces from the BBC TV “Out” series: Rosalind Haber’s Oy Gay, about gay and lesbian Jews; Stephen Lennhoff’s Skin Complex, about the skinhead phenomenon from a gay perspective; and Susan Ardill’s Gay Sera Sera, which reexamines the debate about whether gay and lesbian attributes are innate or developed. (1:00)

Queer Events Around the World

Four videos: Justine Pimlott and Kris Anderson’s Canadian Queers Are Not Enough, Heather MacDonald’s Kiev Blue, Eric Slade and Mic Sweney’s Acting Up for Prisoners, and Kevin Adams’s Can’t Take That Away From Me. (3:00)

No Regrets

Three videos–Marlon Riggs’s Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, Pratibha Parmar’s British Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun, and Lori Levy’s Two-Spirit People (1991)–and one film, Jacqui Duckworth’s British A Prayer Before Birth. (5:00)

Salut, Victor!

Anne Claire Poirier’s Canadian feature about the friendship that grows between two older gay men in a nursing home (1988). (7:00)

The Late Show: Queer TV

Pieter Kramer’s Theo und Thea (1988), an episode about homosexuality from a Dutch TV show; Dick Richards’s Deaundra Peek’s Hi Class Hall O Fame Theatre (1991), an episode from a weekly TV show produced in Georgia; Bodan Zachary’s Loverville; two public service announcements by Edgar A. Barens; and Moze Mossanen’s Canadian The Jane Show. (9:00)