The Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival continues through November 26 at Chicago Filmmakers, 1229 W. Belmont, 281-8788. Tickets ($4 for most programs) go on sale a half hour before the first show. Festival passes are $50 (good for all screenings) or $25 (good for six screenings only).


GAY SHORTS Michael Wallin’s The Place Between Our Bodies (1975) and Decodings (1988), David Weissman’s 976 (1987), Jerry Tartaglia’s Ecce Homo (1989), Russell Martin’s Il Finale (1989), Josef Steiff’s Catching Fire (1988), and Richard Morasci’s One Day at a Time (1989). (7:00)

EMPTY BED and WENDEL Two fiction films that run slightly less than an hour apiece: Mark Gasper’s Empty Bed follows a day in the life of a gay man in his mid-60s who lives alone in Greenwich Village; Christoph Schaub’s Wendel, from Switzerland, is concerned with the reunion of two men in Zurich after four years’ separation. (9:00)


VIDEOS ON AIDS Four videos: Medienwerkstatt Franken’s The Right to Fight: Everyday Life With AIDS (1988), Arl Spencer Nadel’s The Golden Gate Bridge Blockade (1989), Alex Bennet’s This Is My Garden (1989), and Gary Moss’s Promise of Life (1989). (11:00 am)

LESBIAN DOCUMENTARIES Pam Walton’s Out in Suburbia (1988), Elizabeth Schroder’s Canadian A Place With No Name (1989), and Marilyn Burgess’s A Woman of My Platoon (1989)–the latter a history of homophobia in the armed services. (1:00)

ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE TRIBUTE Sandy Daly’s 33-minute Robert Having His Nipple Pierced (1970), narrated by Mapplethorpe’s ex-lover Patti Smith, and an hour-long BBC documentary about Mapplethorpe that was part of the Mapplethorpe exhibition canceled at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. (3:00)

OUT ON TUESDAY: PROGRAM #1 The first of three programs to be shown from Britain’s Channel Four gay and lesbian newsmagazine show; this one includes a look back at the Stonewall raid, an investigation of the consequences of the British government’s Clause 28, and a report from Hollywood that features an interview with Harvey Fierstein. (5:00)

THE HEART EXPOSED Jean-Yves Laforce’s French Canadian feature, voted by the audience as best feature of this year’s San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, focuses on the love affair between two men, a 39-year-old French teacher and a 24-year-old aspiring actor, which is complicated by the actor’s five-year-old son and the teacher’s lesbian friends (1986). (7:00)

LESBIAN AND GAY SHORTS Heather McAdams’s Meet Bradley Harrison Pickelseimer (1988), David Weissman’s Mothers and Song From an Angel (both 1989), Tom Dailey’s Walk the Dog (1989), Cathy Cook’s Bust Up (1989), Tania Lucia Cypriano’s Brazilian Viva Eu! (1989), and Ann Alter’s No Need to Repent (1989). (9:00)

OUT ON TUESDAY: PROGRAM #2 The second of three programs to be shown from Britain’s Channel Four gay and lesbian newsmagazine show; this one includes Connie Giannaris’s Disco’s Revenge, Richard Kwietniowski’s Alfalfa, a report from Newcastle, and an analysis of the appeal for gays of programs such as Dynasty and The Golden Girls. (11:00)


RISK GROUP and FAMILY VALUES Risk Group is A. Nishkin’s hour-long Soviet documentary about AIDS and the groups in the Soviet Union that it is likeliest to affect. David Stuart’s hour-long Family Values is a tribute to lesbians in San Francisco for their support during the AIDS crisis. (11:00 am)

JOHN GREYSON VIDEOTAPES Three works by Canadian video artist John Greyson: Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers (1986), a personal account of the 1986 Moscow Youth Festival, and two AIDS-related tapes made this year, The Pink Pimpernel and The World is Sick Sic. (1:00)

OUT ON TUESDAY: PROGRAM #3 The last of three programs to be shown from Britain’s Channel Four gay and lesbian newsmagazine show; this one includes Clare Beavan’s Crimes of Passion (a “racy investigation of dyke detectives”), Melanie Chait’s Out in Africa (about two activists who have combined their antiapartheid work with the struggle for gay rights), and Mark Finch’s Fasten Your Seat Belts (a short about cult cinema, introduced by the lesbian comedy duo Parker and Klein). (3:00)

GAY VIDEOS Ten videos made this year, all but one of which (Kevin Cook’s Canadian Excerpts From Big City Suction) are from the U.S. The others: John Goss’s “Out”takes and Stiff Sheets, John Canalli’s 1 in 7 or True Confessions of a Gay Fleshpounder, Doug Bonner’s V-Mail, Steven Giuliano’s Desperate for Heat, Josef Steiff’s Indian Summer and Borders, H.D. Motyl’s Messages From Jeanne, and Michael J. Saul’s Morning Dance. (5:00)

THE MAGIC OF NORM BRUNS A retrospective of the personal and experimental films of Chicago artist Norm Bruns, including Theatre of the Horse and Moon, Piano Dance, Blue Aura, Bed Desert, Swim, Figure With 14 Trains, Screen Test, The Unusual Book, Le Mannequin, Cheez Whiz, Duck, and Potato Circus. (7:00)