The 15th Chicago Lesbian & gay International Film Festival concludes this weekend, running Friday through Sunday, November 10 through 12, at Kin-Eye Cinema at Chicago Filmmakers, 1543 W. Division. Advance tickets can be purchased a half hour before the first show of the day. Tickets for evening shows are $6, shows before 6:00 pm are $5; discount passes are also available. For further information call 384-0772 or 384-5533.


Black Is . . . Black Ain’t

See Critic’s Choice. (6:30)

Pretty Deadly Dykes

Two short features, each less than an hour long: Lee Bennett Sobel’s Blond Fury and Todd Hughes’s Ding Ding. (8:30)

Black Sheep Boy and A Place in the Sun

Black Sheep Boy is a 37-minute film by Michael Wallin about pederastic desire; A Place in the Sun, by Constantine Giannaris, is a 45-minute British-Greek production about the relationship between a 35-year-old Athenian and an 18-year-old Albanian refugee. (10:30)


Queers Abroad

Short films from Russia, Ireland, and the U.S. (2:30)

Porcaria and Limites

Two Canadian works–Filipe Paulo’s Porcaria and Jose Torrealba’s Limites–and a British short by Andreas Struck. (4:30)

Lesbian Shorts

Six short works from Germany and the U.S. (6:30)

Gay Shorts

Five short works from Great Britain, Canada, and the U.S. (8:30)

Chicago’s Own: Video Blowout

Six short videos from the U.S. (10:30)


Gay Lives and Cultural Wars

Two U.S. documentaries dealing with the relations between gay and lesbian youths and their families: Elaine Velazquez’s Gay Lives and Culture Wars and Stuart Grasberg and Carolyn Demerrit’s Just as I Am. (2:30)

Rude Boys Roughly Cut

Four short works from the U.S. (4:30)

I Became a Lesbian and So Can You

Six short works from the U.S. and Great Britain. (6:30)

Un-Butt-Plugged in Tex-ass

The world premiere of a video by Judy Tenuta of a comedy performance she gave at an AIDS benefit in Austin, Texas (also known as In Goddess We Trust). Tenuta will attend the screening. (8:30)