The 13th Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival concludes this weekend, running from Friday through Sunday, November 12 through 14, at Chicago Filmmakers, 1543 W. Division. Tickets are $4 or $5 for most matinees, and $5 or $6 for most evening shows; they go on sale a half hour before the first show. Advance tickets can be purchased the day before the scheduled screening; festival passes and discount cards are also available. For further information call 384-1406 or 384-5533.


Girls Can’t Help It

A dozen short films–11 from the U.S. and one from Canada–by Georgina Cozine, Timothy Martin, Suzie Silver, Uzi Parnes, Marianne Biskup, Charline Boudreau, William Comstock, Harriet Storm, Julia Zay, Patrick Snee, Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, and Anie Stanley. (7:00)

Rage & Desire

Nine short films, most from the U.S., by Scott Whitney, Todd Verow, John Ray, Nuria Olive-Belles, Danny G. Acosta, Ted Dvoracek, David Moore, John Slater, and Scott Beveridge. (9:00)

Lick Bush in ’92

A documentary by Gabriel Gomez and Elspeth Kydd about the political activities of Joan Jett Blakk, drag queen and “mayor of queer Chicago.” (11:00)


Video Program


A music-video-style documentary about lesbian bar life by Erin Cassidy. (11:00)

Dyke TV

A sample of work from the activist cable-TV program in Manhattan. (11:25)

Activism in Progress

A documentary video about “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” activists by Out and Out Media. (Noon)

Teen Connection–Sexual Orientation

A call-in teenage show from Wisconsin Public Television. (12:15)

Scared to Death

A video examining the high incidence of suicides among gay and lesbian teenagers. (1:15)

No Rewind

A 1992 sex-education video by Paula Mozen about preventing the spread of AIDS. (1:45)

A Queer by Choice

A collectively made comic fantasy from Canada. (2:15)

Because This Is About Love: A Portrait of Gay and Lesbian Marriage

A 1992 documentary by Shulee Ong. (2:30)

…And We Fall in Love

A documentary by Karen Gerbig. (3:00)

Too Close to Home: Personal AIDS Stories

A video by Ava Ciliberti (1992). (3:35)

Threnody: A Wailing Song for Carl

A 1991 Canadian video by Ken Anderlini. (4:05)

AIDS: The Second Decade

Two documentaries–Kermit Cole’s Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness and Beth Wichterich’s Grid-lock! Women and the Politics of AIDS (1992)–and a short performance piece, Wendy Woodson’s Trout (1992). (1:00)


A Dutch documentary by Ireen van Ditshuyzen (1992) about a man who undergoes a sex change; the film follows him for three and a half years. On the same program, Andrew Ellis’s Dance of a Totally Unified Person (1990) and Georgette De Roux Taylor’s It’s Totally Different if You Have Red Fingernails. (3:00)

Army of Lovers

Five short films from the U.S.: Christopher Leo Daniels’s Victor, Tom Kalin’s Nomads, Bill Oliver’s The Wrong Son, John Outcalt’s Until the Cure, I Offer the Care (1992), and J. Keegan-Sommers’s War Stories (Between Paper Soldiers). (5:00)

She Thrills Me

Short films from the U.S. (by Ellen Seidler, Mary Kusmiss, Wendy Jo Carlton, Keli Meyer, Melissa Dopp, Anne Chamberlain, Kristine Marciniak, and Susan Walsh), from Great Britain (by Annette Kennerly), and from Canada (by Lorna Boschman, the Kiss n’ Tell Collective, and Maureen Bradley.) (7:00)

Love Me Tender, Love Me Queer

A dozen recent short films from the U.S. and Canada by Vic De La Rosa, Tom Kalin, Charles Henrich, Fred Soffa, Chris Cutrone, Denis Langlois, Billy Lux, John Eric Spitzer, Steve Grandell, Yanick Paquin, Daniel MacIvor, and Jimmy Caiola. (9:00)

Glamor Assault

Seven short films: from the U.S., Eugene Salandra’s Faeriefilm, Glenn Belverio’s Glennda and Camille Do Downtown, James Raymond’s Mavis Davis Safe Sex Video, Paula Gauthier’s Which Is Scary? (1991), and William Comstock’s “Linda”–Drag Queen; from Germany, Stefan Hayn’s Fontvella’s Box (1992); and from Canada, Martin Allard’s Madame Simone (1992). (11:00)


Video Program

The Gay Agenda

An antigay video distributed to members of Congress by Christian fundamentalists; a panel discussion will follow. (11:00)

Choose Your Plague

A short video from Canada by Paul Lang and Zachery Longboy. (12:45)

Hard to Swallow

A short video by Tony Coray and Jim Hankle (1991). (12:53)

Song of the Open Road

A documentary by Victress Hitchcock (1992) about Paul Joe Vest’s composition of a requiem inspired by Whitman’s Leaves of Grass after Vest was diagnosed with AIDS; Allen Ginsberg reads some of Whitman’s poems. (1:00)

Got Away in the Dying Moments

A short Canadian video by Dennis Day and Ian Middleton (1992). (1:50)


Five teenagers talk about homophobia in a video by Joan Jubela and Michele Forsten. (2:00)

Educate Your Attitude

Young adults talk about being gay and coming out in a video by Teresa Marshall and Craig Berggold. (3:00)

Diamanda Galas: Judgement Day

A performance of blues and gospel songs by Diamanda Galas, documented by Chicago video artist Fred. (3:30)

One Nation Under God

A feature-length documentary by Teodoro Maniaci and Francine Rzeznik–interesting and disturbing, though a bit sound-bitey–about efforts to “cure” homosexuality carried out over the years in the U.S. by psychologists and Christian fundamentalists. Particular attention is given the ex-founders of the fundamentalist Exodus International, two men who wound up falling in love with each other and denouncing the movement. On the same program, The Gay Agenda, an antigay video distributed to congressmen by fundamentalists. (1:00)

Turnabout: The Story of

the Yale Puppeteers

See Critic’s Choice. (3:00)

No Saintly Girl

Three video shorts by Elaine Holliman, Claire Whitaker, and Ira Sachs. (5:00)

Love Me, Leave Me

Short films by Felix Oliver, Brian Sloan, H.D. Motyl, and Bohdan Zachary. (7:00)

Maybe I Can Give You Sex?

A German-Filipino documentary by Jurgen Bruning and Rune Layumas (working with the Fraternity of AIDS Cessation in Thailand) about “macho dancers,” bar boys, and their customers in the Phillipines and Thailand. On the same program, Quentin Lee and Deeya Loram’s To Ride a Cow (1992). (9:00)