The tenth annual Chicago Poetry Fest features two days of readings by some 80-odd local poets. Saturday’s “Chicago Poetry Squared” portion is outdoors on the 4700 block of North Lincoln (“bring your lawn chairs or blankets”) and open to all ages. Sunday’s “Chicago Poetry Unleashed: Tone It Up” is at Weeds, 1555 N. Dayton, and open to adults only. Both sessions run from 3 to 8 PM. Also on Saturday from 2 to 7 PM some book signings will be held at the Book Cellar, 4736 N. Lincoln (773-293-2665). Call 773-506-8120 or see for more.


3 PM: Intro by festival host C.J. Laity, Carol Anderson, Jessica Belle Smith, Tom Gossett, Rawah Ghabayen, Allison Liefer, Dan Hansen, Amy M. Stewart

4 PM: Lane Falcon, Kuumba Lynx, Dan Stafford, Eneek Eneri, Alexes Griffin, Dave Barr, Dina Stengel, Susan Cherry

5 PM: Mars Caulton, Jose Bono, Larry Sawyer, Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, Wayne Allen Jones, Shelly Nation, Janet Kuypers, Todd Heldt

6 PM: Whitney Scott, Jacqui Wolk, Frank Eannarino, Laura Van Prooyen, Dan Cleary, Dena M. Pope, Esteban Colon, Lauren Mathews

7 PM: Dave Gecic, Cathleen Schandelmeier, Julie Parson-Nesbitt, Larry O. Dean, Kristy Bowen, Michael Watson, Pam Miller, Charlie Newman


3 PM: Lee Groban, Bob Rashkow, Bradley T. Egner, Kwame Pitts, Gene Stephens Connolly, Jeanette Green, Martina Menendez, Ruan Wright

4 PM: Nissa Holtkamp, Liza Lakes, Somara Zwick, Holly Smith, Molly McInerney, Tom Roby, Jim Coppoc, Jeanne Miller

5 PM: Scott DeKatch, Frank Matagrano, Andrea Change, Erika Mikkalo, Maggie Rubin, Joe Roarty, Carmel Carrillo, Miguel Onteveros

6 PM: Kim Berez, J.J. Jameson, David & Batya Hernandez, Beatriz Badikian, Gregorio Gomez, Ken Green, C.J. Laity

7 PM: Lisa Hemminger, Marvin Tate, Joel Brussel, Pete Dederick, Vito Carli, Buddha 309, Josephine Lipuma, Der Uberschwarze